Self Defense: Are You Prepared?


Are you prepared for the unexpected?

Last summer, the unexpected happened. It was evening and due to the extreme heat of the day, my husband and I decided to keep our front door open to let in fresh air. (Side note: we live in a high traffic area with lots of people!) As we watched TV, my intuition began to buzz and I felt something was not right in our space.


I’m learning to trust my instinct!

I looked toward our front door and could see the outline of a figure standing in the dark. My first thought was that a neighbor stopped by to say “Hi”. However, my senses were on high alert and I continued to stare at the figure. Slowly, a man who did not belong on our front porch used my gaze as his invitation to enter our house. As he walked inside, I immediately told him to leave. He replied with “I will” as he continued to stare at me and walk towards me. Louder and more direct I stated, “NO! you will leave my house now!” My husband finally processed the immediate danger of the situation and stood up from the couch. This time, my husband demanded that the stranger leave as he pushed him out of the house.

I have wondered what would have happened had my husband not been with me that evening. Since that day, I vowed that I would find a self defense class to take.

James Martial Arts Academy

James Martial Arts Academy

Fast forward an entire year. Jenna Skora, San Diego Mom’s Blog owner, contacted James Martial Arts Academy and was able to set our team of writers up with an incredible self defense class in El Cajon. Ten ladies, ready to learn something new, were delighted to meet with the owner of the academy and our instructor, Sifu Darryl James. Gracious, kind, and extremely encouraging, James taught the moms self defense techniques that can be used in a variety of scenarios.

What does not belong?

James Martial Arts Academy

James also taught us brilliant pointers to stay safe and get us tuned into our surroundings. One point he emphasized was to remember Sesame Street: What doesn’t belong? For example, when walking through a parking lot at night, be aware of people that are doing things out of the ordinary. He told us that he was walking with his family through a parking lot at night and noticed a man reading a book. He then reminded us to think: Sesame Street! What doesn’t make sense about the situation? A person would not be able to read a book, in the dark, in front of his car, at night. It doesn’t make sense. This is an example of a situation to avoid. Teach your children the same.

A second point that he emphasized is a concern for moms with young children. When fastening your children into their carseats: slide into the car, shut the door, and lock it before fastening their belts. This assures that your back is not against any harm coming towards you. This also helps to keep both you and your children safe from danger.

It’s never too late to learn something new.

James Martial Arts Academy

The San Diego Moms Blog team left the class that day wanting to bring back friends and family. We not only left encouraged and more aware of our surroundings, but we also want to emphasize the importance of a self defense class. Moms, we owe it to our families to learn how to protect ourselves and our children. James Martial Arts is an emotionally safe environment with the most caring teachers to take self defense and martial arts.

Come and build your self confidence, physical strength, and mental discipline, while learning how to protect yourself in a way that is not only highly effective for self protection it is also a great stress reliever and fun after a hard day at work.

Sifu Darryll James

James Martial Arts Academy has locations throughout San Diego County and is highly recommended by our team of writers.

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