Postpartum Sex – Looking at Myself Through His Eyes


If you’re a mama, you know doctors recommend you abstain from sex for 6-8 weeks after you’ve just given birth.

Question: Does everyone really wait? Four weeks post postpartum, I felt my sexiest. As a result, I had a voluminous bosom, a smaller waist and the new mama glow. How can anyone wait to have sex? I quickly realized, it doesn’t last forever. I’ve been insecure about my body my whole life. Having children, for me, made it worse.


Two years postpartum, my husband thinks I have a body like Selma Hayek. Poor man. Just the other night, he said my body keeps getting better and better after having my children and wants two more! Are you crazy?! All I see is saggy boobs and larger than life midsection.


Having sex is a whole different ballpark. I hate seeing my body flap around and how my boobs always seem to smack my face somehow.

Lights HAVE to be off.

I prefer under the covers and always at night. There are times where it’s extremely unbearable. I spend more time thinking about how I look than actually enjoying the moment. I joke with my other mama friend how our spouses are always ON but I never understand why. So cue in the annoying questions.

Why do you love me?

How can you think this {lifting saggy tummy} is sexy?

While breasts fed our children, how can they not gross you out?

Furthermore, I don’t have a thigh gap. My arms had disappeared into my new set of wings. HOW HOW HOW can you still find all this sexy?

The answer was simple. They are reminders of the incredible thing I had done- giving birth to our two beautiful daughters. So yes, I’ve had my body stretched like there’s no tomorrow, my organs were compromised on many occasions and don’t get me started on the hormones part, but I had sacrificed myself to bring life into our world. My body isn’t perfect but I am learning a newfound appreciation for it and trying to see myself through my husband’s eyes.

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Do you feel like this too? If you dare, share with me how sex has changed for you after having your babies!


  1. LOVE THIS!!! Seriously!

    I had been so sick with my pregnancy and was larger previous, that after having my kiddo, I just looked like a deflated balloon!!! I was happier in clothes, looked on the outside smaller, but of man, I’m with ya on the “wings” hehe, so being naked I was like, “WHYYYY!?”

    But I must admit, that post kid somewhere my accepting of this body happened and I just seemed to enjoy sex more. Maybe it was the not stressed about trying to have or not have or I just got in-touch with myself after that train-wreck that was growing a child happened? Lol. I don’t know what it was but happy something finally clicked.

    Sounds like you are starting to click into place. 😉


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