Breakfast Spots! 6 Favorite Locations for San Diego Families


San Diego has become a foodie favorite and boasts some of the most gorgeous scenic views in the nation.

 However, when parents of young children want to indulge their inner foodie, they have unique priorities in picking a breakfast destination.  For example, wait times should be short.  Changing tables are a must and coloring pages are always a bonus.

Breakfast! 6 Favorite Locations for San Diego Families
The Waffle Spot

Although my favorite breakfast spots could easily take up several pages, I have narrowed this list down to my 6 favorite family friendly breakfast locations in San Diego county.  In choosing restaurants, I am partial to locally owned and operated hidden gems throughout our city.  For added kid points, my boys gave their input as well.  Naturally, kid approval ensures the entire family will enjoy the experience.

The Waffle Spot, Mission Valley

With colorful cartoon artwork upon the walls, cartoon characters who visit, and a chance for your waffle coloring creation to be featured, your child is sure to fall in love!  Most dishes come with a side of scrumptious mini waffles, however, they are also available a la carte.  The Waffle Spot is centrally located with rarely a wait.  Customer service is excellent and friendly.  Also noteworthy: parking is ample!  Most important, my 10 year old chose The Waffle Spot for his birthday breakfast this year.

The Menu breakfast

The MenuMission Bay

Be careful or you might drive right by The Menu, a hidden gem located on Ingraham Street.  I have yet to experience a wait and the fun location is only a short walk to Mission Bay.  Most awesome: the food is a locals fave!  Served with a side of potatoes and incredible homemade salsa, the huevos rancheros are amongst the tastiest in our city.  However, my youngest tends to stick with his favorite pancake and egg dish.  Coffee is free flowing and superb.  Food portions are ample.  Side note: due to the location, parking can be a challenge.

Konos Big Breakfasts

Konos Cafe, Pacific Beach

Konos is the one restaurant I selected where the wait is a tad long.  However, an early morning arrival will cut the wait time in half.  Of course, a gorgeous ocean view along with interesting people and animal watching make up for long lines.  It cannot be denied that Konos food portions are ginormous!  In fact, when my boys were young, we were able to split 2 big breakfasts amongst the 5 of us.  Prices are inexpensive, especially for the size of each meal.  Konos has been a Pacific Beach staple for 24 years and recently opened a 2nd location!  Check out Konitos and tell us what you think!

The Potato Shack

The Potato Shack, Encinitas

The Potato Shack is an adorable locally owned and operated spot in small town Encinitas.  Meal sizes are ample and include a fun potato twist.  They have a homemade salsa that is SENSATIONAL and the biscuits and gravy are perfect.  Parking is on the street and not hard to find.  When you finish your breakfast, be sure to take a stroll through the quaint beach town.  If you want to take a peek at local surf talent, the Meditation Garden is a short drive from the shack and overlooks a favorite surf destination. 

Fig Tree Cafe

Fig Tree Cafe, Pacific Beach

Fig Tree Cafe has multiple locations, however, I am partial to the Pacific Beach spot due to the fun ambience.  Imagine being a kid and going out to eat in a giant tree house.  This is exactly the feel of Fig Tree Cafe on Cass St.  If you are looking for locally purchased farm fresh produce, Fig Tree is your restaurant!  My personal favorite meal is the veggie scramble, however, my kids are partial to the french toast with toppings.  The Pacific Beach location is a short walk from the beach so you can plan to make a day of your outing!

*Kid’s Choice: Broken Yolk Cafe!  As I previously mentioned, my goal is to choose local hidden gems.  Broken Yoke Cafe does not fit this category, as it has several locations throughout Southern California. Yet, when I asked my boys to choose their most favorite breakfast destination, they all agreed upon Broken Yoke Cafe! Their favorite meals: omelettes with hash browns, pancakes, french toast, and a large orange juice.

San Diego families: It’s your turn! Tell us where you like to take the entire family to breakfast! We might see you there soon!


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  1. Potato Shack was a favorite of my hubs and myself before kids. We loved the place and spent some time there nearly every weekend!!!! Thanks for reminding me about this local gem!

  2. I’ve never eaten at the Broken Yolk before. So to me, it’s a hidden gem. I like the idea of a breakfast bday spot. Thanks for the suggestions.

  3. We live in Lakeside, and our favorite breakfast spot is Cafe 67 off of the 67. My kids like to get the chocolate chip pancakes, called The Fonz, off the kids’s menu. Portions are big and prices are good.


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