Soaking in and Celebrating National Bath Day


Before I had kids, my idea of “unwinding” after a long day meant pouring a glass of wine, lounging on the couch, and hanging out with my husband. We’d binge on TV shows, and just enjoy each others company. Netflix and chill, if you will…before that was a thing.

Now that I’m pregnant and have two kids to care for all day, every day, I still enjoy those moments with my husband, and we do plan date nights once a month, but our regular weekly nights are usually spent cleaning up after the kids (because even though they help “clean,” we still end up spending a good chunk of time actually picking up after them).

national bath day


Lately—and for the past four years—what really helps me relax now that I’m a mom, is time alone. Alllllllll alone. I draw myself a bath (well, my husband does at this point since I’d probably tumble in there like Humpty Dumpty trying to work the drain with my big ol’ belly), pour in some bubbles, light some candles, grab a book, and I shut.the.door.

If it’s been an especially long day, I’ll take a bath almost the minute my husband gets home from work. Since wine is off limits while I’m knocked up, soaking in a tub is the next best thing to sipping some vino. And while I prefer to get lost in a book, I’ll sometimes drag my laptop into the bathroom with me, set it on the counter, and catch up on a movie or a TV show—all alone. No Mickey Mouse to listen to, or little voices interrupting me every five seconds. It’s truly one of my favorite times of the day, and I look forward to my very own tub time.

national bath day

Today is National Bath Day, (January 8th, 2017) and I’m a little too excited to celebrate. I even hit up LUSH at Fashion Valley Mall and picked up a new bath bomb for the occasion: a French Kiss Bubble Bar to make some relaxing bubbles while I finish up this month’s book club pick. Sounds like the perfect night to me!

Not a bath person, but want to indulge and participate in today’s National Bath Day? Here are a few ways you could make it a little more enjoyable:

  • Pour in some great bubble bath, bath bombs, or essential oils.
  • Read a book (I hear there’s a pretty great book club happening now, and it’s not too late to join!)
  • Watch a show/movie (without interruption)
  • Paint your finger nails
  • Listen to your favorite music
  • Do absolutely, positively nothing, and just relax.

national bath day

Do you enjoy taking a bath? If a bath isn’t your thing, how do you unwind after a long day?

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