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DIY Valentine felt heart
Felt Heart Treat Bag

When it comes to holidays I like to give the gifts I give a personal touch. There is just something about handmade gifts that makes people feel warm and fuzzy. Valentine’s Day is no exception! Some people might see it as a commercial holiday but I don’t care. It’s one of my favorite holiday’s because I love LOVE! I love hearts especially! So it seemed fitting that I create a little DIY Heart Treat Bag tutorial for all of you! I hope you like it and even if you don’t make it, you can take some DIY inspiration from it and get creative on your own! 

Supplies needed to make your heart treat bag     

Supplies needed to make 1 Heart Treat Bag:

2 – 8×8 in. squares of felt – Michaels sells them for .59 in the Kids craft section.

1 8×8 in. piece of lace, fabric or felt. 

Fabric glue or a glue gun ( I used a glue gun for a sturdier stick )

8 in. yarn or ribbon


Any extra decorations you’d like to add!

Lets get started!

Step 1: Cut a heart shape out of one of your pieces of felt. The size may vary, just make it large enough to be able to put treats inside of it. My hear is 6 in x 5 in. 

Tip: To get a symmetrical heart, fold your felt square in half and cut half of a heart into the side that is folded.  

felt crafts, heart, diy, craftsStep 2: Once you have your heart cut out lay it flat and place the other piece of felt over it. Once it’s laid over the top, flip the two pieces over together and trim the square piece so it creates the pocket of the heart at the point. It’s easiest to do it this way because you can just cut along the edges to get the exact point of the heart and once you separate the two pieces just cut the humps off the top of the heart to get your pocket. I cut mine pretty shallow on the sides so to not cover up too much of the heart.

heart, felt, crafts, valentinesStep 3: Here’s where you have to make a decision. You can either use a different fabric or lace to embellish the pocket or you can just leave it as is. I did both because I made a few. But I actually preferred using just a felt doily that I got in a glorious stack in a range of colors at Target. I used the felt pocket that I cut in step 2 as a stencil to cut the doily. Because the doily I used is pretty sturdy, I got away with just applying it as the pocket alone on some of them. In the photo I layered the two pieces to get the cutout look. If you want to use a thinner less sturdy fabric or lace I suggest gluing it to your felt pocket cut out from step 2. 

Step 4: Super easy! Apply a thin line of either fabric glue or hot glue to the outer edges of heart, felt, diy, valentinesyour pocket. DON’T apply glue to the opening edge of the pocket of course! 

Tip: A little glue goes a long way. Often I see people globbing glue on various crafts. It actually makes it harder because it takes longer to dry and gets messy. 

Step 5: After you let your pocket glue dry (this is why I use a glue gun because I cannot wait!) You can either choose to decorate the pocket more OR add the handle (string) I like to add the string at this point to avoid handling it too much once things have adorned your beautiful treat bag. But if you have patience and can wait for those things to dry – decorate away! 

heart, diy, felt, craft, valentines heart, felt, crafts, diy, valentines

To get the string attached evenly simply fold each hump of the heart in half and cut a tiny slit in the middle of each hump. Again, this keeps it symmetrical – But it’s all good if it’s not! Once you have the slits, run the string through the front side so you can tie a little knot to anchor it on the back. I like to add a little dab of glue just for extra reinforcement. 

heart, felt, diy, valentines, craftsThat’s it! Of course, I invite you to get creative! Make it your own! I’m just here for the inspiration. If you need help comment below and I will do my best to get back to you. You can also DM me on Instagram with any crafty questions – @hopeandhashtags

heart, crafts, valentines, diy, felt

valentines, crafts, heart, diy



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