Grab a Book and Celebrate National Reading Month!


Did you know that there’s a national day and month for just about everything? There’s national pizza day (February 9) and national salad month (May). But do you know what March is (amongst other celebrations)? It’s National Reading Month! You don’t need to be a parent to pick up a book or two and read this month, but if you are a parent, it’s something that your children need to do. Use this month to start or reinvigorate a passion for reading. 

reading month

Here are a few tips and things to try to celebrate this month:

Leap Frog has great tips on how to celebrate National Reading Month with your tiny ones who aren’t reading yet. 

Let your children pick what books they’d like. We all have our childhood favorites, or the current bestsellers on our list of books to read, but try letting your children pick and you might be surprised by what they’re interested in. 

Rotate holiday books. Sure you can read Halloween books in June, but if you keep your holiday books put away, then you can only enjoy them once a year.

Visit the library. Our local libraries are always hosting fun events and their children’s areas have become little havens for young readers. Get to know the librarians while you’re there. Bonus-borrowing books is a great way to teach respect for property that isn’t ours. We can enjoy a book and then return it for someone else to enjoy as well. 

Friend or neighborhood book swaps are a great way to add variety to what you’re reading.

-Visit a Little Free Library. These are amazing! It’s exactly what it’s called- all in a small box. Check their map page for a location near you. Don’t forget to bring a book when you visit!

Barnes and Noble has a kids club that offers savings and they often have storytime so check their site for more information. Every third Wednesday of the month, the Encinitas Barnes and Noble has storytime with a local Sheriff’s deputy. Fun! 

Moms this one’s for you. If you prefer reading on your kindle and have an Amazon Prime account you should know once a month you can get a free book

Another one for e-readers: you can borrow ebooks from your library on your device using Overdrive

Parents are busier than ever, and as a mom to toddlers, I end each day completely exhausted. We look forward to bedtime to refuel and rest, but part of that wind down routine is reading. Sure we read throughout the day but those night time book cuddles can make a long day melt away. The next time you read to your little one just remember that what you’re doing is so much more than just rereading Goodnight Moon for the hundredth time. You’re showing them just how amazing the world is as each book opens a new door. 

Our theme of self-care for 2017 continues through March. Reading a good book can be such a retreat, a little escape from life. It’s never too late to join our book club! Do you have any book recommendations or local book stores we should know about? Let us know! 

The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.

– Dr. Seuss



  1. Usborne Books & More has a great selection of books for kids of all ages! I love my job as a “personal book shopper” helping you find fun books for the readers in your life. Check us out under the San Diego Small Business & Consultants Guide on this page and ask about how to get free books for your home library!

    • Thank you Ling for reminding us of Usbourne. We have a few books from Usbourne and love them. The interactive books are favorites for toddlers.


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