I’m A Kangaroo Mom, Are You?

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As a first time mom, I often held my baby in my arms but rarely held her in an actual baby carrier. I was given a carrier at my baby shower but only used it a handful of times. When my baby was 18 months old I bought another carrier. By then she was old enough to walk and the carriers didn’t accommodate her weight because it was over the limit. The two carriers I had only held a maximum weight of 25 or 33 lbs. Babies grow quickly and there is a very short window that you can keep them close to you before they are off and running – literally!

I often had regrets about not carrying her more. As a first time mom, I was unaware of just how quickly time passes us by. I wanted to savor the infant stage much more the second time around, and thank goodness I was given a do-over. When I became pregnant with my second baby, I was determined to wear him as much as possible. Thus, I became a kangaroo mom!

Kangaroo Mom

As a child therapist, I like to note that wearing your baby has many attachment benefits. Babies are used to being attached to their mom in the womb for nearly 10 months. They feel a sense of safety and love from the warmth of your body and the sound of your heartbeat. This closeness stimulates the “happy” hormone called Oxytocin. Research has shown that babies that are carried often, are calmer and more content than other babies. Wearing your baby will decrease the likelihood of flat head. Babies will also learn more about their world and the people in it by being close to faces and seeing everything you see as you walk around with them.

And as a mom, I have an innate desire to hold my baby close and babywearing has benefited me just as much as it benefits my baby, too. I mean what mom do you know doesn’t love baby smells and snuggles? I often imagine I am a mama kangaroo, wearing my baby in my pouch, attached while he grows! 

As a second time mom, I am much more experienced and educated when it comes to baby related products. This time around it was not just a desire to wear my baby, but a necessity. Babywearing is so convenient! As a mom of multiple children, you need as much access to your hands as possible. And since we are always on the go with big sister’s activities, I can easily breastfeed while baby brother is in the carrier, too! Just like a kangaroo mom! 

Baby products are constantly changing and many items are available now that weren’t available when my first daughter was a baby. Although  I received advice from friends and did ample research of my own, I didn’t know what products worked best until I lived through it the first time. New moms ask me all the time which carrier I like best since I have used multiple brands over the past few years. There are many options which can be overwhelming for new moms! Moms want to feel like they are making the best decision for them and their baby. Although I have tried several brands, I recently found a new favorite and I’m going to share it all with you other kangaroo moms!

Baby Tula just launched a new carrier called Free-To-Grow!

Free-To-Grow easily adjusts to fit a newborn, an infant, and a toddler by changing the snaps on the carrier panel to different ergonomic positions. The body panel effortlessly adjusts to three width settings and two height settings. For extra comfort, the carriers also come with adjustable padded straps to keep moms’ neck and shoulders comfortable while the leg straps keep baby comfortable.

My favorite parts of the carrier are the removable hood and the bottom front pocket. The hood shades my baby from the sun, rain, germs, and even food when I am wearing him while I eat. He sleeps in the carrier so well no matter where we are when I put the hood on because not only does it make it shaded and darker but it also gives him a sense of privacy, safety, and comfort. And the bottom front pocket is perfect to put my keys, phone, and maybe even some cards, cash, and chapstick when we are on the go for quick use!

What makes Baby Tula Free to Grow carrier better than the other carriers I have used?

I love the fact that I have a carrier with a stylish design. It makes me a fashionable mom whether I am at the zoo, the store, or a work event. I can wear the carrier on a hike in my yoga pants or wear the carrier to church in a dress. The versatility of the carrier is one of my favorite parts! Further, there is a color, pattern, and style for all personalities, preferences, and gender. And I love the material. It is soft yet strong. I feel like my baby is very secure and comfortable. I love that it is lightweight and easy to pack in my diaper bag or fold up in my car between uses. It is so lightweight it is easy on my back and it is breathable to keep my baby nice and cool on a hot day.

The Tula carrier fits newborns from 7 pounds and doesn’t require an infant insert, to toddlers up to 45 pounds! Yes, you read correctly! My 3 ½ year old is 32 pounds, to put this weight in perspective. Now that she sees her baby brother in the carrier, she wants a turn all of the time too! As much as she wants to be an autonomous toddler, she gets tired and loves being carried now more than ever! Since you can wear your child on the front and back (depending on age and head strength) Baby Tula Free to Grow carrier makes it easy to carry either of them at any given time. 

The Baby Tula Free to Grow carrier is available in 4 unique color patterns. I have the Wonder carrier and I love it. It’s really and truly the only carrier I use now. They are very reasonably and competitively priced at $159 and you can get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $80!

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