10 Gifts Moms Want This Christmas


All year long your friend has stood by your side. You might text each other daily or just catch up when time permits but you know you have each other to count on. With Christmas approaching, you want to make sure you show her how important she is to you. Remember it’s the thought that counts! I rounded up some items that I think carry a lot of thought behind them for gifts that will bring her joy!

mom want gifts

1 – A massage. A few months ago I was treated to a massage from San Diego based Mobile Massage and Wellness. What made it extra special? They came to a friend’s house! That’s right, they come to you!  

2 – Succulents for small spaces. Bring a little peace to a mom’s desk or kitchen counter with a small terrarium. These are easy to make and require little upkeep. Here’s a simple tutorial for making your own. 

3 – A craft class. There’s nothing wrong with a wine and paint night but there are more options. Locally we have Mint Studio and AR Workshop, both offering classes ranging from macrame to calligraphy. 

4 – Handmade art. Got time to kill? Head to Etsy and browse thousands of handmade goodies. There’s something for everyone. Check Instagram for other unique gift ideas. My current favorite is Soul Made Goods where the wood art is amazing! Don’t forget custom jewelry! 

5 – Coffee. Not every mama drinks coffee, but the ones that do are very aware of it’s power! We need our caffeine! Grab a delicious flavor and cute mug for your favorite mom friend. Bonus if you add a San Diego Coffee Moms shirt and tote. You can make a cute bundle with a wine or tea theme if she’s not a coffee drinker. 

6 – A t shirt. There are some phrases that moms throw around that just make sense to other moms. Fun, inspiring, or sassy – t shirts are the stylish way to express our feelings on motherhood. I love the shirts from Bee and Mae, especially the Mothers are Magic one. 

7 – Journal. I’ve talked about journaling before and I stand by how important I think it can be. Amazon (affiliate link) has tons of journals made for moms. Writer’s block? There are many that have prompts so you can just fill them in. This one came highly recommended: 99 Things That Bring Me Joy. (affiliate link)

8 – Donation. You know what causes are important to your friend. Does she raise awareness for breast cancer? Is she passionate about animals, veteran support? Make a donation on her behalf and I promise she’ll be touched. 

9 – Home Decor. I asked around and this one kept getting brought up. Look for gifts like wall art, vases, cake platters, decorative pillows. I could go on and on. Anything that fits her style.

10 – Splurge on her hobby. You know your bestie; you know what her hobbies and favorite things are. Is she a sci-fi junkie or is she into collecting makeup? She might like both or everything in between. Maybe she loves art supplies, gardening, jewelry making, or she’s a Padres super fan! This is a great time to get her something related to her hobby that she’d never splurge on. Think of that thing she’s been eyeing and talking about that would make her hobby just over the top fun for her. 


Something to keep in mind when you shop is that these gifts are treats. Moms make sure everyone else is taken care of and rarely treat themselves. Chances are your friend, sister or neighbor would rather buy her children toys and clothes before they buy themselves a new pair of earrings. If you want to go the practical route, there’s nothing wrong with that. After all, everyone can always use an Amazon or Target gift card. 

Do you exchange gifts with your best girlfriends? What are your go-to goodies for your mom friends? 


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