Four Go-To Activities for Your Busy Toddler


Toddlers are just amazing little people. They learn quickly, grow even faster, and are constantly on the go! Sometimes as moms it’s hard to keep up! That being said, I am always looking for fun activities my daughter and I can do together to foster her development, ignite her creativity, and keep her engaged.

Here are my four go-to activities for my busy toddler:

PlayDoh Treasure Hunt

This sensory activity is perfect for small fingers and takes very little prep!  

Hide various small toys in a clump of PlayDoh and allow your child to mold and play with the PlayDoh as they try to uncover the small treasures. This activity strengthens the pincer grasp and allows your child to work on their fine motor skills. I typically use legos, beads, and buttons with my 22-month-old. My daughter loves moving the PlayDoh in her hands, pulling it apart, and trying to find the small treasures. Of course, this should be done under close adult supervision since you are using small pieces.

Shaving Cream Sensory Activity

Shaving Cream and a paintbrush is all you need! Use shaving cream as your canvas and allow your little one to move it around using the paintbrush. I typically put wax paper or parchment paper down so the shaving cream moves easily over the page. We’ve even added paint a few times so she can see how the color changes when mixed with the shaving cream.

Insider tip: this is a really good outside activity because your little one will most likely get pretty messy.

Dot Art

I have a toddler who absolutely loves art and painting, but I do not always have time for the mess it entails. Sometimes there’s just not enough time for the full paint set-up and the bath necessary after she’s done and covered in paint. Dot Art is the answer! Think Bingo Markers, but for kids! All the fun of painting with easy clean-up. Here’s the link to the set we have on Amazon, but I’ve seen similar at Target, Home Goods, and Michaels. 

toddlerSort By Color

Sorting fruit loops or beads is a favorite activity in our house. I set up cups or bowls and my daughter sorts the objects based on color. I have seen Mommas use a cupcake tin for this too! This is another activity that works on the pincer grasp while learning colors and matching skills. Right now my daughter thinks every color is “pink” so we’re really working on color recognition. This activity is great for that, and it keeps her little hands busy for a while.

We know our little ones keep us on our toes. So, Mommas, I need to know… what are your go-to activities for your busy toddler?


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