Springtime Gardening Tips from a Green Thumb


Its that time of the year, where you can smell Spring in the air. When you walk into any store and see gardening stuff everywhere!

I love this time of year. I love the flowers, the colors, the new spring collections popping up. Mostly I love that it marks the beginning of spring gardening. For the past six years, I have planted a garden in my backyard (there’s a link to last year’s post here. I have tried, experimented and failed many times. Today I’ve decided to give you a few tried and true products and tips.

I hope this encourages you to grow your own little garden. And also, that it helps you with your green thumb 🙂

Usually I buy seedlings from local growers, or I start my own seedlings at home.

I buy seeds from MIgardener – You can’t go wrong with $.99-cent seeds!

springtime gardening

When starting my own seeds at home I use Jiffy organic seed starting mix.* I also use their seedling pots, and for the first time, I am using their pellet greenhouse (I will have to update you on my review).

In the past, I have used my own compost and worm castings. Yes, my own worm poop! But when it’s not available, I use store bought products such as Jobe’s vegetable and tomato fertilizer. I was so pleased with it that I also use several of their other fertilizers for our fruit trees.

springtime gardening

I am also in love with MIgardener’s Trifecta+. It’s a bit on the expensive side, but when I have used it, it has boosted the number of my vegetables and their size.

Pest Control:
Springtime is also when pesky little bugs come out. Inevitably they invade my garden every year!

I have tried my own insecticidal soap, neem oil, my own essential oil spray. I have even tried sprinkling diatomaceous earth everywhere. However, two items I buy that will always be in my garden for pest control are Sluggo and Whitney Farms insecticidal soap. Can’t live without them!

springtime gardening

We all know that tools are an investment and we shouldn’t go too cheap (insert my Dollar Tree finds from this morning, hehe). However, not everything I buy is a dollar store find, I do have a few favorites that I won’t skimp on. Sheers! My favorite pair is the Fiskars pruning sheers. If cleaned with rubbing alcohol and oiled every once in a while, they will last a long time.

springtime gardening

Some of the other things I carry with me when I spend time in the garden are: A good pair of gloves, my water, a hat & sunglasses and my phone. Yes, my phone to play music. Gardening is a big relaxing time for me, and if I could bottle that feeling up and give it you all, I would.

I hope that these products are useful to you, and if you have some faves of your own, please do share.

Happy Spring Gardening!

*Disclaimer- some of these links are amazon affiliate links, meaning at no extra cost to you, SDMB will earn a small portion if you click through and purchase.

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