A Day With the San Diego Coffee Moms


I was so incredibly happy to find everything the San Diego Moms Blog group has to offer, but a coffee moms group!!? 

Well, that definitely took the cake! …or the coffee. As a self-proclaimed coffee addict, I was more than happy to attend my first coffee meet-up with the group! I walked in nervously and sat by my introvert awkward self! Let me tell you it didn’t take long for these girls to welcome me and include me in their conversations. Carrie was the first one that made me feel comfortable and I was ready to take all the pictures (but my SD card was missing, so there’s that.) 

One meet-up became 2, then 3, and I would love to show you what these meet-ups look like — because yes I did remember my SD card this time! 

In March we had the absolute pleasure to meet at The Sandbox Venue with Studio Luniste, Sweet StruckFlowers a la Carte and Meka Coffee — a delicious and organic pop-up coffee cart.

The beautiful venue was filled with wonderful chatter from all the moms and of course, the running and giggles of children enjoying the meet-up just as much if not more!

coffee moms 

We spent a lot of time taking pictures, so if you see me there please get in on the fun! 

I can’t thank Niki Jones enough for all she does putting these events together! 

coffee moms


So if you missed this March meet-up don’t worry we have one every month! Check out the San Diego Coffee Moms tab on the site! Follow us on Instagram and join our Facebook Group to find out where we are meeting next! And if coffee isn’t your thing, how about the Beer Moms group?


In the meantime, here is The San Diego Coffee Moms Meet Up Vlog of March 2018.



  1. Great job capturing and sharing what these meet ups look like! Just LOVELY! And the venue, treats and coffeee…what more could a mom ask for?!

  2. Aww this looks amazing!! I usually don’t read blogs only because well they bore me to be honest! But I loved this! I wish where I lived they did a Mom group like this!! How did the person who made this group start it ?

    • Thank you very much for reading Emma♥️ the city moms network is actually across the states and I have yet to learn how it got started 🙂


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