Hair Dye For Your Graying Hair? Whatever Your Choice… Rock It!!!!


The decision to stop using hair dye on one’s graying hair consists of many factors – or maybe just one. Some might not want the expense, some might cite vanity as the reason, some might feel it necessary to compete with the younger crowd for a job, or maybe to avoid the toxins in hair dye.

For me, it was one of the last health-conscious decisions I made to be consistent with my being.

You see, back in 2012, I became a ‘healthy living’ activist when I went searching for how to address some health problems I was having.

What I found was a rabbit hole of ways in which I and my family were being inundated by toxins on a daily basis, some of which could be playing into our health issues. I wrote about it here.

Over the course of the next 2 years, I improved my choices and the choices for my family to decrease the toxins in our life.

We are not perfect, but we are conscious of the choices we make.

Nail polish and hair dye were the last to go for me.

The nail polish was easy. The hair not so much, but I knew I had to.

For me, it was a matter of not being hypocritical. How could I promote less toxic living if I still dyed my hair?

It took me many months to grow out the colored hair, often hiding the gray under scarfs and hats.

In a way, it was like a passing into the next stage of adulthood.

I left behind my desire to be young again. And, the sense of loss that goes with it.

I left behind my desire to look like everyone else.

I gained an ownership of my experience in life.

I gained respect as an elder.

I gained money in my wallet!!!

But, no judgment on you if you make a different choice then me. Seriously, no judgment.

I have had friends and others tell me how brave I am or how they could never do it, seemingly making an excuse for not doing it too. But, my showing my gray is not me saying ‘you should too’ or ‘you are silly for not making the same choice’.

It is simply a choice I made for me.

Then along came a natural nontoxic hair dye appropriate for my color…

and I had to consider whether to restart the monthly ritual to retain and maintain a youthful-looking set of locks.

In the end, I opted to continue to allow my brown hair to gray at its’ own natural pace.

I liked the new me.

I liked the graying me.

I liked the natural me.

I liked this next adult chapter in my life.

That was my choice.

I make no apology for it and in doing so, I make no judgment on your choice.

Whatever your choice…. own it!!!!!

And, rock it like a boss!!!!

Graying Hair No Hair Dye



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