A Few More Reasons to Love Target


Let’s face it if you’re a mom you’ve probably been to a Target recently. In the last few years, moms around the country have taken over Target. I’ve rounded up some of the best things about the major retailer and hope to share something new.

Children’s clothing- A couple of years ago Target took a huge risk by changing their children’s clothing line. They introduced Cat and Jack, a bold and bright line. This line is a favorite because of the mix and match prints. That’s right- mixing prints, because why not? Along with those funky prints are empowering messages. They’ve also added a selection of sensory-friendly clothing in a step to accommodate all children. It’s become a one-stop clothing shop for parents. 

Collaborations- Over the last few years we’ve seen Target collaborate with Hunter, Victoria Beckham, and then there were those flower print Lily Pulitzer dresses that sold out immediately. Of course, there is no more famous collaboration than that of Hearth and Hand, the brand created by the infamous Chip and Joanna Gaines. 


Beauty- If you’re looking to refresh your make up for the spring and summer, Target is the place to go. Some stores have a beauty concierge service where you can get more information on products they carry and even tests colors. If you love getting a monthly box of new beauty items to try, grab one of their beauty boxes. They’re usually available online at the beginning of the month. I love that it isn’t a subscription and that you get to see what’s in the box before you buy. The boxes are typically under $10 and include a coupon to use on your next beauty purchase. Well worth it to try some new products. Look out for their holiday box in December, it’s a mini advent calendar


Baby- If you like the idea of a beauty box you might like the Baby Box that Target occasionally carries. Ready for the price? Well, it’s a mere $5! That’s right just 5 bucks for a little bit of this and that to try for your baby. Warning- these (as well as the beauty) boxes sell out fast. There’s also a yearly car seat trade in where you can get 20% off a car seat or stroller. 


Fun Events- Keep an eye out for seasonal events happening at your local store. Our local store has had scavenger hunts that tie in with Lego and Hatchimals. During the holidays they had a table with refreshments for shoppers and a selfie booth. There is also the yearly trick or treat event where kids can enjoy a few goodies as you shop. Target knows you’ll be in there, so they do what they can to make it go smoother. Check their event page to see if anything’s happening near you. 

These days Target is much more than a place you grab mouthwash and batteries. There’s a reason it’s become a sort of ‘mom spot’. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the essentials but it’s nice to know that they’re always looking to stay current and offer more. 

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