What Mama Really Wants: A Mother’s Day Gift Guide {Third Edition}


I think it goes without saying that Moms are the hardest people to buy gifts for. But when I ask my mom friends what they really want for Mother’s Day, the answer is always pretty similar.

A clean house, a meal we didn’t have to cook, a quiet coffee date, a guilt-free night away…

Sound familiar, Mama?

So when my husband asked a few weeks ago what I wanted this Mother’s Day, I gave the same scripted answer. No laundry, a clean house, and date night. And do you know his response?

“That is so boring.”

What!? A day with no laundry and a meal I didn’t have to think about sounds like heaven to me. How on earth could that be boring?

Apparently, I wasn’t thinking of things that would be “fun.” Things that would treat me to something nice. Things that would make me smile and would last longer than until the laundry filled up again. Things that I always look at but never actually buy for myself.

After chatting with some other Mamas and accepting the challenge to find some “fun” gifts, we’ve collected the only gift guide you’ll need this Mother’s Day.

Mama and Me Trucker Hats

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If you’re a toddler mom like me, chances are a trucker hat is a staple in your wardrobe. These Mommy and Me truckers from Tiny Trucker Co. are to die for! Cute, comfortable, easy to clean, and perfect for San Diego Mamas. The best part? San Diego Mom’s Blog readers get a 10% discount by using code SDMB10 at checkout.

Iconic Mom Bracelet

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I love jewelry. What girl doesn’t? My jewelry choices have changed, however, since having a baby. Statement earrings and long necklaces are a thing of the past since they’re an easy target for pulling and grabbing. Which means I am big into bracelets lately. This gold-filled beaded bracelet from Taudrey is perfect for any Mom. It’s dainty, understated, can be stacked with other jewelry, and has a sweet message for the “Best Mom.”

Girls Rule T-Shirt

Another wardrobe staple? A soft tee and jeans. This “Girls Rule” tee from Love Bug Threads is an instant Mom favorite! Add a little inspiration to empower the daughters in our lives, and it’s an all-around perfect fit.

Tubby Todd Mama Book

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You’ve Got This, Mama is a book created by Mamas for Mamas. Focusing on Mom’s self-care with the goal to energize and inspire, this book is a must-read for Moms. How can you take care of your little ones if you’re not taking care of yourself? Andrea Faulkner Williams, co-founder of Tubby Todd Bath Co., has some ideas, exercises, and a few tools to help each mama find that magical balance we all crave.

GOOD Family Pictures

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So here’s the problem…my phone is filled with adorable pictures of my daughter with family members and friends, but when I am looking for a picture of the two of us it is impossible to find! Why? Because I am always the one behind the camera! Sure, we have cute holiday photos, but that’s not always what I am looking for. A mini-family session with a photographer would be the perfect gift for the mom who already has it all!

For the Mama’s who love to cook?

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First of all, Joanna Gaines is the ultimate boss Mama. For the moms who love to cook, Joanna’s new book Magnolia Table: A Collection of Recipes for Gathering will ensure a full tummy, full table, and happy family.

Happy Mother’s Day Mamas! I hope you get the clean house, cooked meal, and an opportunity to sleep in that you’re craving.  But, I also hope you get something fun and just for you this Mother’s Day.

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