San Diego Yoga Mama: Top 3 Yoga Studio Picks


Yes, yoga!

It seems everyone is on the yoga bandwagon these days, and that is a good thing! At the same time, it can be a challenge to find a yoga studio that is right for you. Many are geared toward young bodies that have fast recovery. Others focus on the religious aspects and may feel uncomfortable if they run counter-intuitive to your religious philosophies. Furthermore, there are those yoga studios that are so “chill” that they pay little attention to the technical instructions of a pose, that may lead to injury…

I started my yoga journey at the tender age of 24, as I traversed the hallways of adulthood, career and life on my own, in order to fill in my after-work evenings. 

As I walked out of that very first class and literally stumbled down the stairs that led to the parking lot (thankfully they were short), giving myself a black eye, I knew it was love at first try. I didn’t feel the pain of the fall, and was still so zen! (Please don’t try this. Remember, I was 24!)

After a few years, I became a yoga-certified instructor, while I worked as a full-time engineer, married and with 2 young kids. I tried many disciplines; Bikram, power, vinyasa restorative, ashtanga… and various studios; small business studios, corporate, and gym yoga… I loved the challenge of it all. How I felt afterward.

After some yoga-related injuries, however, I actively sought technically-savvy teachers that would encourage, rather than push their students during their practice. So I guess one can say I have become quite a discerning yoga connoisseur of sorts, here in San Diego.

Therefore, I have decided to share my personal top yoga studio picks, precisely because I am so discerning.

In an uber-commercialized world of Insta-yoga, I consider these yoga studios and their instructors, yoga gems.

My Top Yoga picks:

  1. Prana, La Jolla A beautiful space near Prospect, the owner still teaches some of the most challenging, yet no-pressure classes I’ve taken. They have good retention and amazing instructors.
  2. Wela Yoga It is always such a joy to go here, as I find great healing in the practice rooted in Bikram style. The difference here, though, is the instructors are not militant and rather encouraging. Keep in mind, I heavily modify the poses and recommend you do the same if you have injuries. 
  3. Yoga Jai Ma a sweet yoga space tucked in a cute shopping village, that also strives to keep classes safe and challenging. They also make sure to keep their good teachers and their haven of peace and serenity.

Now it’s time to hear from you, yoga mama! Have you been to any of these studios before? What are your Top Yoga picks in San Diego?



  1. My daughter looooooooooves yoga… so much so, she got her teaching certificate after college. Her studio is Core Power with many locations in San Diego county and beyond. In fact, there was a studio not far from our hotel when we stayed in New York City recently, which she could have accessed with her membership.


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