Mom “Hacks & Helpers” that Make Your Life Easier


{9/25/18 – CBS News 8 feature on our amazing Mom Hacks & Helpers with Deanne Goodman, Brandy Kane, Reva Mody & Niki Jones}

As moms, we are always being asked about our “secrets”–to looking good, feeling great, and just making it through the workweek with our smiles intact. We can chalk at least some of our success up to tried and true Mom Hacks! A little experience with a busy schedule and active kids and spouses can train you for just about anything. It doesn’t matter if you are rocking those yoga pants, serving chicken nuggets for the third night in a row, or treating yourself to a little girls night out fun to survive. We all do what it takes, right ladies?

Top Tips From the SDMB Mamas

We asked our writers on the San Diego Moms Blog to share their favorite Mom Hacks for getting ready in the morning. We loved what they had to say, and we wanted to share it with you as well! We hope that this starts a conversation: Please comment below or on our social media and tell us your favorite Mom Hack or two. We are always looking for ideas!

SDMB Writer Reva Mody:

PREPARING OUTFITS FOR THE NEXT DAY: “We lay out my daughters clothes the night before, for my very opinionated 5 year old to prevent arguments first thing in the morning and to also get to school on time”

SDMB Writer Lori Prince Clark:

PORTABLE BREAKFASTS: “Portable oatmeal and egg cups. Use muffin pans to make single serving eggs (bake them in the cups) and oatmeal (make using regular oats then fill cups). Put in the fridge and they magically become on-the-go hand-held healthy breakfasts.”

SDMB Writer Brandy Kane: 

OVERNIGHT OATS: “One of our favs is the overnight oatmeal which is available in many grocery store breakfast aisles–or simply fill a mason jar or resealable container with rolled or old-fashioned oats, your fave milk, greek yogurt and any sweetener or spices you prefer. Seal or cover with a lid and chill in the fridge for at least 4 hours or overnight. In the morning, add any fruit or toppings you or your kiddos like and enjoy the oatmeal chilled or pop it in the microwave for a quick warm up. There are many recipes available online for overnight oats.

BATHROOM TIMER: “If your kids tend to move a bit slowly in the bathroom when getting ready, use a timer to designate how much time they get to brush their teeth and wash their face. Usually, 4 mins is plenty of time!”

SDMB Writer Deanne Goodman

GETTING A WORKOUT IN: “Fitness has always been really important to me, now being a MOMpreneur and Mother, I have found stroller strides as a great way to get a workout in, spend some time with my daughter Jade and meet other amazing moms. The workouts are designed around your stroller and they create fun activities and engagements for the kids as well so they have fun too.” 

SDMB Writer KT Cahill:

MEAL PREPPING: “Meal prep Sunday, like Rachel Ray “week in a day”. Set coffee up the night before (if you are like me, you can drink the same pot for days (don’t judge me haha) and “recreate leftovers” so you aren’t cooking totally from scratch. Make monthly menus so you don’t have to “think” about what’s for dinner. Shop at different stores to get better deals, sales, etc.”

SDMB Writer Michelle Milla:

THE BEACH BOX: “In the summer, I have extra swim diapers & sunscreen, extra hat, and towels just in case we make an impromptu beach trip.”

SDMB Owner/Writer Niki Jones: 

TIMER: “After dealing with the “terrible 2’s” for just a few short months, I started to realize that transitions from one activity to the next is what set my daughter into a tantrum state. So I started to set a timer as a part of our system to help prepare her to transition easier from one activity to the next. ONE, it mentally prepares her to take on the next thing – whether we are walking down to the car, cleaning up or going to bed. TWO, it gives her 2 minutes to process the decision and its almost makes her feel like she has a say in it”. 

Which Mom Hack would you add to the list? We want to hear from you!


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