Halloween Candy: What’s a Parent to Do? (TOP TEN LIST)


So much Halloween Candy!!!! What’s a health-conscious mom to do? Or an allergy mom? Or just a parent who does not want their kid amped up on all that sugar or down with a tummy ache? 

Halloween can be a ton of fun, but it also comes with a big sugar rush as most houses still give out candy.  Here is my Top Ten list of what to do with all that Halloween candy!

TOP TEN LIST – What to do with Leftover Halloween Candy

Allow your child a reasonable amount (or not) and with the rest….

10. Save it for later

Freeze the good stuff and dole it out on a reasonable schedule.  Or keep it for yourself for chocolate emergencies.

9. Take it to the office

What better way to build allies or win customers at work than with sugar? AMIRITE?

8. Add it to upcoming birthday gifts or Secret Santa gifts

A fun-size bar of chocolate or a bag of candy is a great addition to any gift!

7. Use it in a birthday piñata

Seriously, some years I think we could fill THREE pinatas.  And, filling a pinata can be expensive so this is a great money-saving idea too!

6. Save it for stocking stuffers

Another money-saving idea!!!  Just don’t try this one with those smart littles who will recognize it from Halloween and wonder how Santa got a hold of your leftover candy. Or if they notice, tell them the Switch Witch (see #9) may really be Santa working an off-season job.

5. Repurpose it into another tasty treat

Cakes, brownies, and ice cream can always use some candy, dontchya think?  This article even includes a recipe for infusing liquor with hard candy for a grownup treat.

4. Use it as a learning tool or in a craft project

Halloween Candy can also offer teaching moments in terms of learning colors, learning how to sort, and learning how to count. This blog post has some great ideas.

3. Donate it

There are several organizations that accept unopened candy and many local businesses offer a buyback program.

Donate to Troops here:  Treats for Troops, Operation Gratitude, and Operation Shoebox.

Register or check for local businesses participating in the Halloween Buyback Program.

Contact local charities and food banks to see if they accept unopened candy as well.

2. Trade it for a toy the child has been wanting 

Have you heard of the Switch Witch?  Your child’s candy is mysteriously switched for a toy in the dark of Halloween night. Or simply make the deal with an older child for something they have been wanting.

1. Eat it yourself

You know you do. 😉

Share in the comments what YOU do with all that Halloween Candy!!!!!



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