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I am so excited to tell you that The Super Dentists are now accepting adult patients! That includes cosmetic dentistry, braces and Invisalign, teeth whitening, veneers, cleanings, sedation dentistry and more. 

I went in for my own appointment to see if the standard of care my children are already receiving at The Super Dentists is being extended to their moms and dads. I was pretty amazed at what I found out!

Cleaning and Whitening at The Super Dentists

I was scheduled (on Halloween, as it turns out) for a regular cleaning and teeth whitening at The Super Dentists Eastlake location. This is extremely convenient for me–it’s literally around the corner from our house. Although this time the appointment was mine, I brought along my 4-year-old son. One of the primary advantages offered by The Super Dentists for parent dentistry is that your child will be cared for during your appointment. Wow!

The clean and tidy appointment room. Check out the diffuser!

Within minutes, my son was playing a video game with Melody (the helpful Super Dentists mascot in full costume) by his side. He was given a smartwatch that connected to a phone I took into the room with me, and he called me several times to check in and let me know he was OK.

full menu of free amenities at the super dentistsIn the meantime, I was being presented with this: A menu of FREE amenities to enjoy during my visit! Here is what was listed:

  • Your choice of beverage:
  • Coffee
  • Custom Latte
  • Water
  • Entertainment:
  • TV 
  • Music
  • Scented Gloves
  • Massage:
  • Massage heat blanket
  • Massage heat shoulders
  • Eye Care:
  • Cucumber, lime, lemon, or melon
  • or
  • Facial Care:
  • Warm scented towel
Alexis hooks up my massage blanket at The Super Dentists before my cleaning

I opted for the shoulder massage, a vibrating blanket that is placed across your back and around your upper arms. Heavenly. I switched the TV to Property Brothers, and I was ready for my cleaning and whitening session with this amazing team.

Carlo, my hygienist (and, as it turns out, my neighbor!)

Carlo, my hygienist, came in dressed as a very funky Bruno Mars. He introduced me to their featured line of whitening teeth products, Opalescence. I’d be leaving with one of their sets of trays on my teeth after my cleaning was done.

The cleaning was easy breezy, and I was rinsed and ready to depart in under half an hour. One of the ladies at the front desk was kind enough to pop her head in (twice!) and let me know that my son was doing great. 

I couldn’t believe how simple the whitening task was! Carlo explained that the Opalescence brand is good for sensitive teeth (like mine,) and a custom fit happens within seconds. I was then instructed to wear the trays out the door and keep them on for half an hour. Did they work? You be the judge!

Altogether, it was lovely to be able to take an appointment at the same place my children already have their teeth checked and cleaned every 6 months. If you would like to read more about children’s dental care and how The Super Dentists work to keep kids healthy, read my previous post here.

This post is sponsored by The Super Dentists, but as with all of our other sponsored content, the opinions expressed here are 100% my own.


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