The Perfect Coworking Space for the Working Mom {SPONSORED}


The modern woman faces a lot of challenges getting back into the workforce, juggling work and kids, and finding the resources to make the whole enterprise worthwhile. We may not “have it all,” but we’re certainly trying to have most of it most of the time!

downtown works in san diegoEnter Downtown Works, a coworking space in San Diego that offers multiple coworking plans and amenities to fit virtually any schedule for both part-time and full-time work.

erin rocchio and familyWe spoke with Erin Rocchio, Principal, Executive & Team Coach of her own company by the same name. For the last two years, she has run her executive coaching and consulting business, focusing on accelerating senior leadership and team performance while preventing/recovering from burnout ( Erin is also the mother of a 1-year-old girl and is pregnant with her second child. As you can imagine, her schedule is packed.erin rocchio logo

“Most of my days involve 1:1 private coaching meetings or on-site facilitating client team retreats. I also host workshops to help leaders/teams understand their personality dynamics through a tool called the Enneagram.”

Before joining Downtown Works, Erin’s work day was launched from a variety of places, including her home office. She still loves having the option of taking calls from the quiet of her own bedroom, but Downtown Works, she says, has been an amazing resource.

“First of all, it gives me a big sense of momentum and focus in helping prioritize my work. It’s also really flexible, so it allows for my work travel and even personal days when I’d prefer to be at home hanging out with my daughter and the nanny. I am definitely more productive now that I work at a coworking space like DW and the people here are fabulously supportive.”

erin rocchioErin notes that any mom or working woman can benefit from the amenities offered by the chic and stylish downtown space. 

“Candace, Morgan and the entire team running the show are incredibly warm, generous, and helpful. They have made my transition into working mommyhood so much smoother and manageable! I have the WorksPlus plan, which allows me to come in 10 days/month instead of full-time/unlimited. Not only does that allow for my flexible working style and travel schedule, it also helps with my budget. That’s been another decisive factor that made DW an awesome choice for me.”

downtown works in san diegoIf you haven’t utilized a coworking space before, head downtown and take a look around. Downtown Works functions as far more than an office away from home; it is also a fabulous spot for networking events, lunch and learn sessions, and more. It’s also a gathering spot for fellow entrepreneurs and serves as a think tank for ambitious business leaders. Erin adds one more detail that would convince any mother: 

“They even found a cozy place for me to pump when I first returned back to work with my daughter. That meant so much to me.”

Come check out the positive vibe and the gorgeous setting in the heart of downtown. Downtown Works offers additional amenities including premium coffee and tea, local beers on tap, fully stocked kitchens and snack bars, and video conferencing. 

This post is sponsored by San Diego's Downtown Works, but as always, all opinions are 100% my own.


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