We All Deserve to Feel Beautiful (Inside and Out)


Let’s face it: as mothers and women our bodies change, our outlook on our bodies changes, and well… a whole lot of things just change—and that is OK and a part of the process. That is why it is SO important to feel empowered, feel beautiful and sexy again, embrace those changes and get our confidence back. A boudoir photo session might be just what you need to look at yourself in a new light.

I have not done a boudoir session (yet), which is why I am so excited for our Boudoir Mini Session event on Saturday, January 19th with Christy Shaterian Photography. I have had the pleasure of knowing Christy for 10+ years. She is a Nashville-based dance and portrait photographer who specializes in Boudoir Photography. I also want to be very clear: I believe everyone is beautiful and this is not about focusing on just outer, physical beauty. To me participating in a Boudoir Photoshoot is about building your confidence and self-worth and learning to love yourself, exactly where you are today. 

boudoirI know personally that the thought of participating in a Boudoir Photoshoot gives me anxiety and makes me think about all the negative things I hate about my body and I immediately (mentally) become self-conscious. You are not alone. So I reached out to a mutual friend of ours, Amber Cross, a mother of three from Las Vegas, to chat with her about her Boudoir Photoshoot experience with Christy. I hope this helps give you the courage and desire to give this a try.

Apprehensions before doing the shoot? If any . . .
— The most obvious apprehension was, how comfortable am I going to be in various states of undress and my chosen wardrobe?

Tell us about your experience during the shoot . . .
— You definitely warm up to it.

What was it like working with Christy specifically?
— Christy is hilarious and gracious. She puts you at ease with her humor and her objective appreciation of every woman’s beauty and the artistry of a good photo.

As mothers our body changes, so upon seeing the photos, how did you feel?
— There were lots of shots I immediately loved, and then there were the shots I had to grow to love because the image of me didn’t quite match up with the idealistic image of myself many moons ago and pre-kids that still exists in my mind’s eye. But revisiting those over time, I came to appreciate those just as much.

Why would you encourage another mom to do the shoot?
— I encourage all women, moms especially, to do the shoot. The experience itself is enough, having beautiful images is icing on the cake. Also, I love seeing images of my mom and of grandmothers young and stylish; I like imagining my grandchildren stumbling upon images of their wrinkled granny back when she was young and beautifully daring.

This event is for all women, moms, sisters, wives, friends… Boudoir portraits are perfect gifts for anniversaries, your upcoming wedding day, Valentine’s Day, a “just because” for your partner or, better yet, just for yourself! So with that being said, grab your favorite lingerie, his work shirt, those amazing heels you love to wear, and let’s capture how truly beautiful you are. Share the photos online, share them with your partner or just keep them to yourself – this is meant to be ALL ABOUT YOU!

At this event we will pamper you with complimentary champagne, hors d’oeuvres, mini massages (after your shoot), a VIP Swag Bag and complimentary hair / makeup touchups. (please come photo-ready!)

Sessions are $350 before 12/25 and $400 after. Space is extremely limited. Please complete the inquiry form on the link below if you are interested and Christy will reach out to answer any questions you may have and take payment. Tickets are non-refundable, but may be transferred to another person in the case of an emergency. 


Christy Shaterian of Christy Shaterian Photography

“My name is Christy and I love capturing images that tell a story and empower women and make them feel beautiful. I am so excited to come to San Diego on January 19th and be a part of this event. I’m here to make this session the most fun and carefree time and provide you with images that you will treasure forever!” ~Christy

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