Happy Holidays from the San Diego Moms Blog!


All of the women who make up the San Diego Moms Blog team would like to say thank you and happy holidays. From our families to yours, across San Diego County, we wish you a peaceful and reflective goodbye to 2018 and a joyous welcome for the new year. We are grateful for every single one of you!

Here is what the holidays mean to us:

“A time of togetherness and creating memories – good and bad!” – Ashly Villamar

“Holidays mean goofy times with family and friends; laughs at ridiculous gifts, lots of games (from inappropriate card games to white elephants), and all of the over-the-top stories of craziness from the year.” – Felicia

“Holidays means gathering with your favorite ones for love and gratitude! Eat yummy food, enjoy your kids and hug! Also, take a deep breath and have faith in someone bigger!” – Renata Medeiros

“Holidays first and foremost are about acknowledging and thanking God for all we have and the many blessings we have received. It also means family, friends, parties, family traditions, memories and great food.” – Brandy Kane

“Christmas to me means being with my kids and hubby. My husband works longgg hours during the week. So during Christmas break all 6 of us are home for more than 4 days at a time and can relax and be lazy.” – Alexandria Elliott

“Finally having some downtime to enjoy being together as a family, a visit to the beach Christmas morning, and nightly visits to see the Christmas lights around the neighborhood. ?” – Stacy Brown

“The holidays mean spending time with friends & family, being thankful for all your blessings, and impatiently waiting for our first FT call from the husband in months! (he’s deployed).” – Michelle Milla

“For me, the holidays mean giving back, watching my kids smile on Christmas morning and spending time with my family.” – Tabitha Frost

“The holiday season for our family is a time for togetherness, making new memories, and enjoying old traditions… sprinkled with a little chaos! For me personally, it’s also a time for reflection and hopefulness for the new year – making plans, setting intentions and letting go of anything not serving me in living life to the fullest.” – Suzanne Lockyer Lawriw

“This time of year brings so many pleasures to the senses, like sparkly lights and shining ornaments, flickering candles and seasonal aromas of pine and cinnamon, tasty sweet treats and cups of holiday cheer, Christmas songs from all genres of music from the crooners to country. The laughter of friends and family together to celebrate, the prayers for those less fortunate and in service to our country, the clink of glasses toasting togetherness, and warm hugs you want to last forever. I have loved this time of year for as long as I can remember.” – Lori C. 

“The holidays are about carving out moments to recharge between obligations. If I’m feeling overwhelmed, my family and I take some time to bake, take a Christmas light cruise, or cuddle up and watch a Christmas show.” – Andrea Relopez

“The holidays to me are all about friends, family and food. Lazy days watching all of our favorite holiday movies and indulging in sweet treats. Long nights of wrapping presents and admiring twinkling lights. Ending the year by reflecting on everything and everyone we are grateful for. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year!” – Tania Bowles

“Holidays are an opportunity to remind the people we care about how loved they are.” – Kandace Caulfield 

“This time of year has always been about family and friends… Spending quality time with those people we love! This year our 4-year-old is really caught up in the magic of Christmas, it really is so special to see it through a child’s eyes! I’m excited to start some new family traditions with my own children, and create some special memories to cherish!” – Marion Byrne

“I really do love all of the holiday traditions we’ve stumbled into along the way, combined with the ones I’ve grown up with. I appreciate spending this time with the people I love and trying to carve out some time for things that have been on my to-do list for months! Getting something accomplished going into the New Year is a huge relief!” – Jennifer Bennett

“The holidays to me mean appreciating what we have. It also means a break from getting up at the crack of dawn to make my kids food and get them ready for school because of break!” – Annie Cardenas

“I love the holidays! It means making new memories and traditions with the special people in our lives.” – Xochitl Salcido

“The holidays are an opportunity to prepare our hearts for Jesus, so we can practice charity, love, and spreading hope and cheer, and make these a habit throughout the year ?.” – Susy Faus

“I love the holidays because it means we get to spend more quality time with our friends and family, and we get to teach our children all about the spirit of giving. We also love our family traditions that we look forward to every year (including matching Christmas PJ’s, picking out a new ornament to add to to our collection, and looking at Christmas lights while sipping on hot chocolate).” – 
Bri Roberts

“The holidays to me are family, friends, love, joy, cheer and gratitude. I try to enjoy the season and not let it feel too hectic. I want to enjoy everyone that I have as long as I have them.” – Lorelei Sandoval 

“The holidays, for me, are a magical time to spend with my husband, our children and family, feeling gratitude for our blessings throughout the year and planning for the new year to come. It’s about quality time, fun and sharing love with each other! And the one time of year I get to spend more than a weekend in my pjs!!” – KT Cahill 


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