How a Mom Tribe Is Essential to Achieving your Fitness Goals in 2019

This is a FIT4MOM Partner post, which will be a part of a 12—month fitness series.

According to The Statistics Portal, some of the most common New Year’s resolutions include eating healthier and working out; that being said, US News states that 80% of people will fail at their resolution by the 2nd week of February. Have you been one of the 80% before?

In 2019, how can you stay with the 20% that succeed?

People will tell you to succeed you must set goals, set timelines, reward systems, etc. Those are all great- but one of the single greatest factors is simple: Accountability.

This is especially true in the mom population. Moms have a few factors working against them. Time, time, and well . . . time. But moms need to work out for the same reasons that everyone else does . . . and maybe even more than everyone else. But we’re busy, right? We have to schlep kids around, attend all the meetings, go to work, cook the dinner, clean the house, meet the people . . . you get it. Most moms WANT to work out, but find that life gets in the way. Does it? Or do we let it? Imagine what taking a couple hours a week (out of the 168 of them) of self-care would do for you.

moms working out
Accountability is a large part of FIT4MOM’s Body Back program and a reason why many moms achieve their goals.

Accountability is truly a game-changer when it comes to committing to an exercise or nutrition program. A very small percentage of the population has enough intrinsic motivation to stick to a workout plan on their own (and those people probably aren’t the ones with “work out more” at the top of their resolution list). For the rest of the population, accountability will make up where motivation is lacking, or when the motivation starts to fade away.

Why does accountability matter? When you tell another person that you are going to do something (for example: go running) by the end of the day, you are more likely to go complete the run than if you just woke up and told yourself you were going to do it. When a person (mom) knows that another human is looking out for them to do their workouts or to make healthier choices, they are more likely to succeed.

There is no clear-cut reason WHY this happens, but it has been shown that majority of people are more motivated with an accountability partner as opposed to working out on their own. “Most” people are people-pleasers. They don’t want to let someone down; especially someone that they respect or care about. Creating accountability creates the sense that someone is looking out for you, it will make them happy for you, which in turn will make you happy for you!  It is crazy how impactful human relationships can be!

Is “Living a Healthier 2019” at the top of your resolution list?  We want you to be in the 20% this year that succeed.

What do you need to do? Find an accountability partner.  

Who can be an accountability partner? This can be a spouse, a friend, a coach, neighbor, or maybe a small group of people. Someone that you respect and that you know will help hold you accountable to making healthy decisions. Body Back® by FIT4MOM is a great example of this—not only is there an instructor that helps hold you accountable to the workouts and nutrition plan, but there is a small group of women that are working with each other through the same program and helping hold each other accountable, as well.

moms working out
The Body Back program provides small group training, nutrition coaching and a community of moms who support you through your transformation journey.

What’s next? Share your goals with each other. Set small goals that are achievable. SMART goals are a great example. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely. Example: “ I will work out for 1 hour, three days a week, for the next eight weeks.” Make sure your accountability partner knows what you want to achieve and how you plan on achieving it. Then decide how often the partner is checking in with you. Maybe in the beginning it is every day, or every couple days. Then, maybe, it goes to a couple times a week and then down to once a week as your plan becomes a habit. When you put your goal out there to someone beside yourself, you are allowing others to rally around you and cheer you on.

Not sure where to go?  Find a group like FIT4MOM’s Body Back® program. Body Back® not only provides instructor and small group fitness training and accountability, but it provides time for self care, great workouts, nutritional guidance, and has proven results. There are sessions of Body Back enrolling now throughout San Diego County.

In 2019, it’s time to be part of the 20%.  It’s time to succeed in your goals. It’s time to find others who will help you in your success of reaching your goals. Find your accountability partner, share your goals, and go.

Written by Lisa Hillman, Mama of 5, including twins. Driver of a 12-passenger van. Dog rescuer. Fitness fanatic. Baby-wearing aficionado. FIT4MOM Master Trainer and ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor. 


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