I Just Moved to Temecula. Now What?


With rent rates and mortgages continuing to climb in San Diego County, it’s no wonder many families are choosing to make the trek up the I-15 in search of good schools, a little space, and the opportunity to settle into the Temecula Valley. I’d know; my family and I made the move about three years ago. I grew up about a half hour northeast of Temecula, so I had a pretty good understanding of what I was getting myself into.

Are you coming to Temecula without a clue about what to expect? Let me break a few things down for you:


photo courtesy Visit Temecula Valley

Temecula is in the midst of explosive growth. Generally, the neighborhoods of Temecula can be divided along their freeway exits with Winchester as the north (Harveston), Rancho California as the center (Paseo del Sol, Paloma del Sol, Crowne Hill, Chardonnay Hills), and the 79/Pechanga Parkway (Redhawk, Morgan Hill) as the south side of town. Home prices are generally high in Temecula, with the most expensive housing concentrated along Pechanga Parkway and in wine country.

Most, if not all, neighborhoods have their own Facebook groups where new and prospective residents can ask questions and get a feel for how the area operates. Speaking from personal experience, it can be difficult to get an authentic look at the pros and cons of each area because HOAs sometimes control the Facebook groups. The Temecula neighborhood groups are a potential source of good information (and are great when you hear a weird noise and want to know what it is), but take any overly-enthusiastic praise with a grain of salt. 

What Is There To Do?

Family activities is an area that Temecula excels in. Here are some of the things that my four-year-old and I have enjoyed doing in and around town:

  • Penny Pickles Workshop, 42081 Main St, Old Town: A fantastic STEM-centered children’s museum. Annual memberships are an absolute steal at $25 a year per person for ages 3+.
photo by Andrea Relopez
  • Temecula City Classes and Programs, citywide: My daughter loves Miss Michelle’s Fabulous 4 & 5 class and has also taken the Tiny Princess Ballet class and had a ton of fun. City programs are very affordable but can fill up quickly, so it’s best to register ASAP if you’re interested. Classes with the City of Murrieta are also available with a non-resident surcharge. 
  • Get outside! Check out some great local trail in my previous article, “Take a Hike: A Parent’s Guide to Native Southern California Plants.” Spring and its wildflowers are coming soon, so be sure to keep an eye out and your feet on the trail! 
  • My Gym Temecula, 30570 Rancho California Rd #111b: An upbeat place for toddlers and young children to get some energy out while they practice listening to someone besides mom and dad. When my personal barnacle was two and three we attended classes here weekly and it really helped her come out of her shell. 
photo by Andrea Relopez

Let’s Eat Out!

One of the best ways to experience different cultures in Temecula is through food. This is an obviously incomplete list but I’d urge you to try them out for yourself!

Temecula is a great place for families to grow. Have you recently moved to Temecula? What have you found most surprising about the area? Let us know in the comments!

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Andrea Relopez
After spending nearly ten years in North County, Andrea and her family now call Temecula home. Her time in San Diego was spent studying International Relations and History at USD and attending to the challenges and opportunities that her husband's military service offered. Andrea has been married for ten years and is a mother to one daughter and two Corgi brothers. Andrea loves traveling, gardening, having girl time with her besties, exploring new things around town, and a hot cup of coffee. Her personal blog can be found at www.dreadidit.com and she can be reached on instagram at @drea.did.it


  1. Great Information! We are considering moving our family all the way from Long Island, NY to Temecula, CA. We have 6 daughters 10 and under.

    • This is great! I’m currently looking into southern California for myself and son as well. We’re from Ohio but currently live in Buffalo. I’m attending school here and after graduating next year I plan on moving out west.


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