Do These Toxins REALLY ‘Spark Joy’? Nope. They STINK!


Marie Kondo’s new show on Netflix has sparked a huge trend of people ridding their homes of unnecessary clutter with a simple question: “Does this spark joy?” If the answer is no, it goes! Personally, I think Marie is on to something. We are being given the perfect opportunity to look under our kitchen and bathroom sinks, inside vanities and makeup drawers, and in the shower rack… and get rid of all the STINK!

No, I’m not talking about bad odor, I’m referring to “fragrance” and hidden toxins. Have you seen the documentary ‘STINK!,’ also on Netflix? If you haven’t, go watch it right ASAP! I mean, WOW! Mamas, we need to pay attention to what is lurking in those seemingly innocent products like bubble bath, and lotion, and bath gel we are bringing home from Target to use on our kids, and ourselves.

One of the main points of the movie is to expose the corporate labeling loophole called “fragrance.” It was originally approved for use in the perfume industry. For example, if they had to list their secret recipe to making Chanel No. 5, anyone could copy it! Hence, they were allowed to just say “fragrance” on the label to protect trade secrets and proprietary information. The problem is, it’s now used EVERYWHERE on ANYTHING that has a scent. Cleaners, dishwashing liquid, hand soap, bubble bath, shampoo, lotion, laundry soap, fabric softener, literally everything. Basically, if you see “fragrance” on the label, it should really say “secret chemicals that we aren’t going to disclose to you.”

Do you feel comfortable with that?

Sure, there are some “greener” companies who are using natural, or naturally derived ingredients, and if you call them, or possibly even look on their website, they may disclose everything… because they have nothing to hide! But big corporations? Nope. Fragrance derived from nature is more expensive, but fragrance derived from petroleum is cheap, so that’s what gets used. Yup that toxic black stuff from the ground becomes “Galaxy Grape” or “Sun-Ripened Raspberry” or “Warm Vanilla Sugar.” And, sorry to break it to ya, but “Sea Breeze” is not naturally derived.

Why should you care? Carcinogens and cancer. Endocrine disruptors and endocrine system disorders. The justification from big corporations is “a little bit over time isn’t harmful,” but the rise in many of these diseases is alarmingly correlated to the increase in industrial chemical discovery and use. THIS is what is lurking when you see the word “Fragrance” on the label.

So let’s open those cabinets, get down and dirty, and get rid of all that STINK! As you are deciding to toss or keep, you can look up specific products on the Think Dirty app or look up an ingredient on the Environmental Working Group website. But, remember, “fragrance” means “secret chemicals”: no exceptions!

Marie Kondo that crap! I can’t imagine after reading this they’re still sparking joy. And, if they are… then you NEED to watch ‘STINK!, and fast.

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Suzanne Lockyer Lawriw
Suzanne is a work-at-home mama to 3 girls and the wife of a Yankee lovin', craft-beer drinkin' Oregonian. She has a passion for natural living, free range parenting and bonding over the real-life ups and downs of motherhood. When she's not building her work-at-home empire and teaching wellness workshops, you can find her ignoring housework and hanging with mama friends at kid-friendly breweries or parks by the beach. It might intrigue you to know Suzanne is a veteran of the United States Army, has worked in the dot-com industry as a techie geek, and sold drugs for 8 years (pharmaceuticals for Pfizer!) before living the momlife. In all her spare time, she stares at unread stacks of fiction and self-development books, dreams about travelling all over the world, longs to follow Michael Franti and Dave Matthews on tour, and drools over home design and cooking shows. You can follow her on instagram @motherrockin and she welcomes like-minded mom friends when you track her down on Facebook. (No, it's NOT completely weird to friend a stranger)


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