5 Reasons to Giddy-up to Pony Land This Weekend


My daughter is a currently a fan of all things horses. It began as an innocent fascination with Lucky and the gang as she binge-watched the Netflix series Spirit last summer, and blossomed into a full-fledged infatuation once she rode a pony named Star last October at Bates Nut Farm. She had been itching to get back on a horse since that magical fall day. I was ecstatic when I learned that I could get her back on a pony much closer to home and at any time of the year at Pony Land. Friends, if you are not familiar with Pony Land, let me enlighten you on five reasons to become acquainted with it!

  1. It’s only 20 minutes from downtown San Diego. 

Leave the bustle of the city for a true ranch experience in less time than your child can stream an episode of Daniel Tiger on a tablet. A 15-mile drive south on Interstate 5 will lead you away from congested streets and clustered buildings of the city to rural Hollister Street, where you will pass many ranches leading up to Pony Land’s entrance on the west side of the road.

  1. Your child can go on a hand-led pony ride for the price of a Venti Frappuccino.

For only $5 at Pony Land, children ages 2-8 years of age/under 75 pounds are treated to a gentle, three-lap ride on a pony. The guides that work at Pony Land are patient and gracious with riders, especially those that haven’t been on a horse before. My daughter’s heart melted when she rode on a gentle pony named Patches, which in turn melted my heart, naturally.

  1. You can get your farm animal fix in the petting zoo for less than a dollar a minute.

Like watching baby animals frolic about? Want to see exactly how soft the fur of a bunny is? Do you want your child to meet farm animals in a safe, clean environment? For $10, visitors can enjoy 15 minutes in Pony Land’s petting zoo, where you can find goats, rabbits, chickens, alpaca, tortoises, and pigs just to name a few. As we move into spring, it won’t be uncommon to see new babies cozying up to their mothers or playing with each other here. We even saw a goat preparing to give birth on our visit!


  1. You can [throw a] party like it’s your kid’s birthday!

Pony Land makes for a pretty great place to celebrate good times with your little and their friends. They offer a shaded picnic area that can accommodate up to 50 guests and has an onsite barbecue for guest use. Did I mention that there is a lot of space to run around in their fenced-in grounds? The birthday party packages for younger children include pony rides, time in the petting zoo, and treats to feed the animals. My daughter was able to feed Holiday the horse right out of the palm of her hand. The fun doesn’t stop with options for the littlest kids. Party packages are available for older kids to engage in riding lessons or trail rides. Pony Land can also accommodate special events like family reunions and company outings.

  1. Adults can get their “me time” adventure on, too.

Pony Land isn’t just a place where you can give your child a memorable experience. They offer lots of fun for grown-ups too! Interested in learning to ride? A variety of lessons are offered and they are open 7 days a week. If you’re looking for all of the fun without prior riding experience, they offer trail rides and beach rides led by a guide as well. Taking a casual horseback ride down a trail lined with native plants to the beachfront sounds like something out of a vacation brochure, right? 

With such a majestic and memorable experience awaiting you just a stone’s throw from the city, it can easily be a part of your weekend fun! Check out the Pony Land website for directions, hours, and additional pricing here: http://www.ponylandsandiego.com/

Giddy-up and make the trek! Hopefully I will see you there!


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