Mom’s Guide to Surviving Mercury Retrograde


mercury retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is the toddler of the planetary rotations. It comes, it’s babbling all sorts of nonsense, it wrecks your house, it loses your important documents, maybe cracks your phone, and leaves you wondering how you’re going to clean all this up before your husband gets home. It is the few times a year the planet Mercury seems to be going backward in rotation and is notorious for turning our lives upside down. Mercury is the ruling planet of communication, language, connections of all kinds, truth, contracts and agreements, codes, transportation and travel. That is A LOT of areas of life that can go haywire when Mercury goes into its resting phase.

mercury retrograde

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by Mercury Retrograde. . . *raises both hands and feet and needs more hands and feet to raise.* Yes, I am a veteran of this highly chaotic time. I had the nerve to fly cross country during this time once, let’s just say I came back in the negative; I was less a sentimental hoodie, a dressing robe, an expensive pair of sunglasses and a broken Clarisonic brush. Thankfully, I’ve taken enough heat during this and learned enough lessons to help you mamas survive it too! Here are some tips to help get you through these scrambled three weeks.

mercury retrograde



I don’t know about you, but mom brain alone makes me so forgetful. I always think I’ll remember something and as soon as I think that, I should know I won’t. Write stuff down, put reminders in your phone with alarms and double check that it’s set. Also, the actual act of stopping for a second to jot it down or type it out might help you remember it better. Then confirm it again!


This is one of the most affected aspects when Mercury Retrogrades. Take everything that is said to you with a grain of salt, don’t hold people to their word at this time as they are known to change it after, and don’t take anything personally. In turn, try to be more mindful of what you’re saying, especially towards your children. They can be ultra sensitive during this time and not quite understand what is going on.


Don’t. Avoid at all costs. Especially flights. Okay, I understand you might have to travel at this time. Leave extra early, check that flights are on time and not cancelled or delayed, make sure you have all forms of ID, children’s birth certificates… CHILDREN! Make sure you have your kids – this is probably what happened in Home Alone! Mercury Retrograde caused the McAllister’s to forget Kevin! 


Before you sign anything, make a big commitment or change, or a large purchase – triple check the details. Make sure they come with a good return policy. Go over your emails one more time, make sure they are going to the right place and you aren’t being shady in them.  One good thing about this time, it really does force us to slow down and be more intentional with our actions.


mercury retrograde

Mercury Retrograde is a good time to take a step back and reset yourself. I like to cleanse my sacred spaces with Palo Santo or Sage. It’s a great ritual to get rid of stagnant energy and shake away any chaos you might be feeling. This is a fun thing to include your littles in too! You can make it a game, who can chase away the most bad vibes?

mercury retrograde


mercury retrograde


Mercury Retrograde 2019

March 5th – 28th

July 7th – 31st

October 31 – November 20th


mercury retrograde


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  1. Oh my god! This is totally me right now, I’m forgetting everything so I am definitely writing things down. My toddler is extra fussy and we are both struggling to keep our patience (him expressing himself and me struggling to understand him.) 12 more days to go!!!!


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