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Being a mom and running your own business has its own set of unique challenges. We are literally working in the nooks and crannies of our day, in between answering snack requests, healing boo boos, household chores, and even having a little fun sometimes—with kiddos in tow, we can’t be all work and no play! There is no office to go to with uninterrupted work time, we literally work with CONSTANT interruptions. And, because of our dueling responsibilities, many hats, and crazy schedules, most moms take to social media to grow their businesses; you can literally work anytime and from anywhere—home, playground, or on the go.

If you are working a business in the social space, you know (or should know!) that Instagram is the place to be right now. If it comes easy for you—well, pat yourself on the back—but for the rest of us, it takes learning all the tips and tricks and ins and outs to actually grow effectively. When building a business, it becomes Instagram with intention. It’s no longer a place where you “post cute kid pics for your mom and grandma.” Haha!

I first met Samantha of Auctus Social when I realized I needed help growing my Instagram for business purposes. What I had been doing was just not cutting it anymore and I needed insider info! She offers some free webinars and several courses with more content for a fee, and after going through those I knew I wanted to take it to the next level so I hired her as a personal mentor.

During the course of working together, she was developing a concept called Content & Connection. She had identified a key issue that many of her clients, including me, were facing—how to get fresh content on the regular for our feeds. I was learning the strategies, but I was running out of pictures! What were my options? I could buy stock photos, hire a photographer, or get really good at timed selfies. NOPE! None of those would quite work for me and my lifestyle.

Luckily, Samantha launched Content & Connection and I became a founding member! Our first meetup was awesome. We began learning tips and tricks to taking “instaworthy” photos, and then we teamed up with fellow female entrepreneurs and took pictures of each other (lots of pictures!!) in cool locations, connecting and chatting as we went.

All I can say is WOW! Now I never run out of content, I have pictures of me “doing my thang” that I actually like for my feed, and I have met some amazing women who inspire me daily.

Content & Connection also has a members only online group where we all connect online, sharing tips and tricks and struggles, while Samantha provides monthly content planning tools and relevant, growth-related social media training from experts in their field.

What I love most about this group is it caters to me, where I’m at, busy with mom life and my many responsibilities. It’s like the “easy” button of content creation with Samantha’s guidance. I am constantly sharing about this group with fellow Mom Boss friends, because without it, they’re working too hard.

Get smart and get yourself to Content & Connection! Don’t forget your phones and your smiles.

 content and connection

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Suzanne Lockyer Lawriw
Suzanne is a work-at-home mama to 3 girls and the wife of a Yankee lovin', craft-beer drinkin' Oregonian. She has a passion for natural living, free range parenting and bonding over the real-life ups and downs of motherhood. When she's not building her work-at-home empire and teaching wellness workshops, you can find her ignoring housework and hanging with mama friends at kid-friendly breweries or parks by the beach. It might intrigue you to know Suzanne is a veteran of the United States Army, has worked in the dot-com industry as a techie geek, and sold drugs for 8 years (pharmaceuticals for Pfizer!) before living the momlife. In all her spare time, she stares at unread stacks of fiction and self-development books, dreams about travelling all over the world, longs to follow Michael Franti and Dave Matthews on tour, and drools over home design and cooking shows. You can follow her on instagram @motherrockin and she welcomes like-minded mom friends when you track her down on Facebook. (No, it's NOT completely weird to friend a stranger)


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