The New Therapy: Neurofeedback for Optimal Health and Functioning {SPONSORED}


Dr. Silva and Dr. Hilber from the San Diego Center for Neurofeedback have worked together for over 10 years to provide support to the San Diego community with a special interest in the ADHD and the autism community. They quickly were listed as experts in the field. They worked diligently in providing education to the community and clients, providing support to parents managing the daily ups and downs associated with these diagnosis, and training of upcoming clinicians about signs, symptoms, and treatment of these diagnoses.

san diego neurofeedbackAfter many years of treating these diagnoses with talk and behavior therapy, Dr. Hilber and Dr. Silva began to realize that the underlying physiology needed to be addressed in order to see great improvements in symptom reduction. At that time, medication and supplements were the most popular options and referrals were given for medication evaluations.

They soon found that parents were concerned about their children being on medication, or the medication created too many side effects, or were just simply not as effective as they needed them to be. They started on a search, looking for other options that could provide the symptom reduction that everyone was looking for. They stumbled upon neurofeedback through word of mouth in the community. They could not believe that there wasn’t more information out there about how helpful neurofeedback could be for these diagnoses, plus many more including depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc!! They were thrilled that there was another option that they could provide to clients in need.  Both immediately signed up for training at the EEG institute which is world-renown for their knowledge of neurofeedback. 

san diego neurofeedbackThe information provided was fascinating. They learned extensively about the brain and its complicated patterns, and how ADHD and autism (and a variety of other diagnoses) were a result of brain dysregulation. So, you might be wondering how it works.

They apply painless electrodes to the scalp to listen to brainwave activity. Those process that signal through the computer and extract information about key frequencies of the brain. They then show this ebb and flow back to you through a variety of feedback mechanisms through a video game or movie. Some frequencies you inhibit and others you reinforce, which promotes the brain to “shape” into a more desirable, stable and regulated performance (aka your symptoms reduce).

san diego neurofeedback

Kids love neurofeedback because they get to watch movies or play video games. Adults love it because it is relaxing and calming. It is even great for those clients that are not interested in doing “talk therapy,” since the feedback is directly linked to the brain. Neurofeedback has been a huge asset to the San Diego community and Dr. Silva and Dr. Hilber enjoy seeing the benefit to their clients!

For more information and to see if neurofeedback can help you with training your brain, call them at 619.436.4263, visit them at, or email 

This is a San Diego Center for Neurofeedback sponsored post, but as always, all thoughts expressed are 100% my own.


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