Sacred Spaces – Energetically Clearing Your Home and Making Your Space a Place of Peace


So, if you’re like the rest of the world, you binge-watched “Tidying Up” with Marie Kondo on Netflix. If you’re like me, you “mom-binge-watched it”, meaning it took you two weeks to watch the six episodes in the show because you can only watch at night when your littles go to sleep and you basically fall asleep a half hour into each episode.

The #konmari method is great, I love her way of letting go of stuff and her method of folding clothes is genius! But, unfortunately, for a person like myself who has a toddler and new baby, her method isn’t realistic because I have no actual time to get this done! Also, the toddler follows me around undoing everything I’ve cleaned up and the baby always wants the boob!

After I did finally watch the whole series, I actually stumbled across a similar method while listening to my favorite podcast, IGNT.D. They had a gal on who owns a company called Spatial Solutions, and in essence, she is very similar to Marie Kondo, only she offers more of an energetic clearing. And this, I totally vibed with.

What is an energetic clearing? It is getting rid of things that no longer serve you and your space and also allowing yourself to make room for better, newer, more intentional items.

Now I have to admit, I love my things. That dress from 2008? It’s coming back. I loved it then, I attached good memories to it… but realizing that someone else could have good memories in it (I always give away my clothes that are in good condition) and I can make room for something better, really got me on one!

I started small, that dingy white wife beater tank with 3 holes, that can go. The random 15 lip glosses from a brand you don’t even like? Bye Felicia! And eventually, I worked myself up to the stuff that is harder to let go of.

After letting go of as much stuff as I could, the fun part began! What can I intentionally bring in that will serve a purpose and make my home a better space?

I already have my essential oil diffusers, which I cannot live without, in every room. Aromatherapy is REAL! And it’s not just because it smells good, the oils release certain energies into the air that effect you. For example, lavender is extremely calming. Citrus is uplifting. Frankincense is grounding, and so on.

Please don’t forget the quality of your oils matters, you do not want to have your space tainted with an oil that isn’t pure and contains chemicals and fillers.



Another thing I found that I love is my air purifier. I love knowing the air around me is clear of allergens and dust, especially with my dog and all the pollution in our air.

I found a great one that is compact and barely makes any noise, considering how powerful it is. And it can easily slip into a corner and not be noticed. I highly recommend this one, I love mine!

In addition to an air purifier, plants also clean the air. Now, my apartment does not get direct sunlight, so my first few plant projects were a fail. But I found some great Chinese Evergreen plants which I repurposed in my score of lifetime dollar store pots and hung from macrame plant holder – also a dollar store steal! These particular plants don’t need sunlight and you only need to water them once every two weeks. You really have to work to kill these babies.


I have also added Himalayan salt lamps to my space. Much like my friend the air purifier, these cleanse, deodorize and purify the air. They also enhance the mood with their warm glow. They can even help you sleep better. You have to be careful though, their are a lot of fakes out there. I found a great brand and have a few of their models including: I like the this mod-looking one as well as the more traditional, larger one. I have both AND a smaller traditional one.

Finally, crystals. Call me a hippie, call me a witch, call me an apothecary – I’ve literally been called all of these, but crystals carry energy. Simple as that.

They are from Mother Earth, a product of her, what can carry more energy than that? AND each one carries different energy and when placed in certain rooms or spaces, they really thrive. Plus, they are aesthetically pleasing.



One more tip I fully believe in to clear out old, stagnant, or negative energy from your home or cleansing a new item you are bringing in, is to smudge with sage or Palo Santo. This is an age-old ritual and it can be made really fun if your kiddos are old enough to be included too!



  1. You make me laugh, Erin! I love how you write- I feel like we are having a chat in your living room! Oh, I am so motivated to reclaim space in my home for me that will inspire and help me feel organized and happy! Awesome tips! ??

  2. Such great tips! I love my oils and air purifier! I felt the same way about Marie Kondoing my life! My daughter would have those clothes unfolded faster then I could hold them! I love your take!

  3. I LOVE this and totally agree about the energy of a room! I also love my YL oils and salt lamps! Makes a HUGE difference in your overall mood! Great read!


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