Sometimes It’s “OK” to Admit You Are “Not OK”


Sometimes it’s “OK” to admit you are “not OK.” Sometimes it’s okay to admit you are not okay, and it’s OK to admit that you are STILL not okay! 

I have this issue myself. Lately, I feel like that set of dominoes that keeps getting set up ,and before you can get them all aligned back into some amazing fall formation, but just enough where you get excited that the setup is almost done, it falls again.

It’s that more frustrating, almost heartbreaking fall, that happens like a wave after wave, and guess what!? It happens! It happens to all of us! Even the strongest of us! Sometimes we just have to learn to take a deep breathe, stop back and say, we aren’t okay! It’s okay to admit that that comeback isn’t happening as fast as you once hoped. Sometimes things take time!

Yes, not everyone will understand. In a perfect world all would, but at some point we have to learn that we can’t help anyone with a empty bucket. Sometimes we have to make those lists of what is the most important at that moment or in life and put that battle first above all the other dominoes and just focus on keeping that one standing.

I am learning this. 

I love my jobs! Love my family! Love my life! But sometimes I have to protect myself and admit I just can’t. That was the hardest thing. I am going to admit I am extremely impatient with myself. Every moment away from work I felt hard guilt and a further disconnect, even to the point that now, just been away for possibly a month I feel like a failure. Like an outsider. Like “it’s too late to come back.” But then I step back, and remember why I took that time! I wasn’t being selfish, I was being human.

There’s only so much weight on one’s shoulders that they can carry alone. What good is a tribe, a family, if you don’t lean on them and admit something is wrong? Sometimes you need to say, “I need help!” That is what community looks like. It isn’t ever selfish to ask for help, admit you aren’t a superhero and take that time to focus on your foundation.

Can’t build a solid house on sand. Add some rain in this mental scenario and tell me how hard that crash will be, and how more devastating that domino fall is. Exactly why it’s important to take that time, work on your foundation and when you are on that rock, go for it! Fight the good fight with a full cup!

Remember you aren’t alone and this happens to the best of us. We all will hit a cycle in our lives and we have to remember what is important and remember there is no shame in admitting we’re human.

*If you are like me and possibly need some extra pushes, check into the Book, The Best Yes! though, that one helped me more in my volunteering for everything related to my kiddo, but I’m sure that is also a part of most mom struggles. I also recommend for the kids: Have You Filled a Bucket Today? It’s a lesson I wish I had learned in elementary school myself.


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