Spending Labor Day in San Diego


Labor Day, the unofficial end of summer! Meaning, kids are for sure back to school! On this 3-day weekend, however, we will probably be spending most of our days outdoors, at the beach, with friends and maybe having a barbecue.

We are so lucky we have so many beautiful beaches here, we can’t go wrong. Yes, it can be a nightmare when parking, but once we step on the sand, kids play all day, eat like there is no tomorrow, and sleep like the dead, then it will be worth it. Jokes aside, the beach is our happy place, and— can’t forget to mention—it’s FREE!!!

We tend to avoid parks such as Sea World, Legoland, and Belmont Park in Mission Beach, because they get too crowded, lines are too long, and summer is too hot right now. So, thanks—but no, thanks!

We also stay local, and don’t even risk a road trip. It seems like a holiday just to gather with people we love, have kids play and run, and maybe have one more slow morning, without planning too much. Resting is sort of necessary, right mamas? Wait, I am a mom, so no basically, no resting for me!

Barbecue, at someone else’s home (hahahaha) sounds like a good idea, or going to eat at a restaurant, ’cause this mom won’t cook! Watch the sunset, from our backyard with a glass of wine! And having kids all tired for 3 days to go to bed early on Monday night would be ideal.
What are your plans for Labor Day? I hope you have tons of fun!




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