{SPONSORED} HITN Learning Launches App that Teaches Kids Spanish

This is a HITN Learning sponsored post, but as always, all thoughts expressed are 100% my own.

A few weekends ago, we partnered with HITN Learning to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month and promote bilingual education. They kicked off the initiative with two events here in San Diego at the Barnes and Noble in Escondido and Chula Vista. 

At the event, families had the opportunity to meet renowned bilingual education advocate and TEDx speaker Dr. Mariana Díaz-Wionczek. She shared her experience with raising bilingual children, some great tips and facts on raising bilingual children, and answered questions from the audience. 

“For me, my biggest takeaway from the event is that teaching children a second language actually develops and enhances the growth and development of a child’s brain and supports the ability to quickly think and adapt. So as a child is learning two languages and maybe switches between the two languages, that process of learning to know which language to speak in actually helps them think quicker. Quick thinking and adaptability are two skills that will have such a positive impact in so many aspects of their lives. I loved learning that from Dr. Mariana.” ~Niki

bilingual educationAt the event they were also showcasing the Cleo & Cuquin Family Fun Kits and Apps These were created to help parents create a strong foundation for their children’s kindergarten success, They are designed specifically for parents seeking to enrich their child’s bilingual learning experiences. These kits and apps offer a uniquely entertaining world of highly engaging, child-centered bilingual print and digital material plus hands-on activities.

There are three math kits available: 

  • Counting
  • Sorting
  • 3D Shapesbilingual education

I took home the Counting Kit for my daughter Kaia who is 3.5 and has had little to no introduction to a second language as a whole. She has had SO much fun with the app and we started a few of the games that are provided in the kit as well. She has been drawn to both the interactive games in the kit and the online app. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be too advanced for her to start, but it wasn’t. Which is a great testament – for parents who might be concerned that their children need to have had some exposure to bilingual education – that it is a great place to start and that they can grow and learn more as they advance. 

The kits are $24.99 each and can be purchased on Amazon


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