{SPONSORED} Practicing Healthy Oral Habits During the Holidays

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One of the toughest times of year to protect your child’s teeth as a parent is Halloween and spills into the holidays with Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year. Candy just seems to be everywhere. Educating your kids about how much candy is too much and which types of candy are the easiest on teeth is an important part of avoiding tooth decay and the potential for cavities. 

All of the sweet treats that go along with this time of the year (or throughout the year to be honest) make it more important than ever to keep those teeth clean. So here are a few tips to help keep your young one’s smile healthy during the holiday season:

Not all candies have the same effect – Sticky candies are the worst! When your child wants to have a treat, chocolate (or ice cream) is a far better option. Avoid the sticky candies as these tend to stick to the teeth and cause the greatest harm.

Maintain Proper Nutrition – Sure, you want your child to have fun on the trip, but setting limits on sweets can help to reduce holiday damage on a child’s tooth enamel. Having an active schedule during the day will also help to limit how often your child reaches for sweets.   If your family is always on the go between holiday parties and family gatherings, it can be tough to snack right and keep teeth healthy.
Gather Your Dental Care Travel Kit – Your child may not be able to brush for a long time after eating on the go.   Leaving something at home while traveling can hurt a good routine and result in extra tartar buildup during travel. When you create your toiletries list, be sure to include a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, and mouthwash for each child. You may want to get travel size items and pack the bag well in advance.  

Don’t Forget Your Child’s Dental Appointment – Maintaining regular cleanings every 6 months is vital. That means scheduling visits well in advance. If you are approaching the end of the year and your child is in need of a visit, make plans as soon as possible, even if it means the cleaning will have to be right after you return.  
Don’t forget to pack some time into your family’s busy schedule for regular visits to the dentist. BRSH+FLSS would be proud to be the pediatric dental practice you choose to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease for your kids. Whether the kids need a professional cleaning or emergency dental care, call 619-741-1500 to schedule an appointment. 


This post is sponsored, but all opinions within are 100% my own.


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