San Diego Mom Spotlight: The Path of Motherhood with Karina


I first met Karina a few years ago. Our paths crossed through a common friend, and right away, something struck me about her.

Perhaps it was that “she says what she means & means what she says” vibe. Or her lightheartedness that reminded me of home with my cousins and family in Mexico. 

Whatever the reason, something about her draws you in and makes you feel at home.

One warm Fall morning, we decide to meet at a north county Panera for our Mama Spotlight interview.

Karina is a stay-at-home mom, with two lovely daughters, ages 11 and 5, and has been living here for the past 14 years.

She originally comes from a small town in Mexico. I often think on how San Diego can sometimes exude that small town charm. A similar thing happens with Karina; now a modern city mama, she has managed to keep her small town grace intact.

I then go ahead and inquire what being a Mom in San Diego is like for her.

After a long sigh, she admits that San Diego is a paradise, where there is so much to do. She loves that she is able to take her daughters to various places, all over the city; the beach, the mountains, the lovely parks.

Another treasure she mentions about San Diego: our diversity. This is vital, she says, to help her children grow up to be sympathetic with others and respect them.

And on that note, I ask her what she feels is the most important thing she can teach her children.

In Spanish, she says, “to be good people…

”…that follow their passion; what will make them happy. Do it well, and with love. With ganas (intention/will/on purpose)”.

She talks about how in this culture, there is an emphasis on monetary success and hence, intense academic pressure and competition. All she asks is that her kids do their best, and that they live their childhood.

”I don’t want to discover their path for them.”

I learn that she values parenting guide books and she goes on to share some, like Dr. Shefali’s The Conscious Parent as well as How to Raise an Adult by Julie Lythcott-Haims.

With this, I decide to ask about her plans for her own personal path as a mother and constant learner. I am curious if she has considered going back to an office job or other work as her kids are getting older.

Karina says she is open to work outside the home, and even reinvent herself – she is not afraid to go back to school either. Her husband supports her in whatever she decides and that gives her peace of mind too.

Her main goal is that she do something meaningful, that way, it won’t feel like work.

I finally ask her if there is one more thing she would like to share; a message for all the mamas out there who might read this post.

“I think it’s important that they know that our main goal should be to raise good people.”

How about you, Mama? What is the most important thing you strive to teach your children?


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