Coronavirus Fears Wiping Out Hand Sanitizer Stock? Here’s How to Make it at Home


The coronavirus has us all nervous, and it’s hard to believe supplies like hand sanitizer are out of stock at many places. I learned that you can make it at home and it’s really easy! If you can’t get storebought hand sanitizer this will get you through. CDC suggests handwashing with soap and water first and foremost. Also, please note, I’m not a health professional, just a mom with two little girls who uses spray hand sanitizer all day. I’m also a journalist who did the research so I could share it with you! 

If anyone needs hand sanitizer, I will make you this for free. I am so saddened to hear that people who rely on these supplies due to compromised immune systems are struggling to get it. Let’s help each other out and spread facts instead of fear! 


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