Staying at Home is Hard, But Don’t Forget


Today we wake up in a world on pause. The sense of urgency that filled our lives has ceased. 

Don’t forget what you feel in this moment. Write it down, take a picture, make the video—but whatever you do, don’t forget what you’ve learned. 

Time passes epically fast when we are moving. When did my babies get to be on the verge of adulthood? Its been a whirlwind. So much has happened and yet it also feels like not enough. 

Spending life working, paying bills, spending, and stressing about money to get all the “things” you are searching for, to fill the gaps and the hole inside your soul. Take a deep breath, who has time for that? Then the guilt of life- Society making us question- Am I doing it right? Am I working hard enough, successful enough? Is my house big enough, cars nice enough, body beautiful enough. Am I being the best Mother, wife, friend? Are my kids stimulated enough, learning enough, playing enough sports, having enough fun experiences, eating enough healthy food?

What makes us keep going and running until we can’t breathe. The days melt into each other and we stop for a moment and wonder where it all went. 

Life passes us by as we work towards the goal of what happens “after”. “As soon as I..” As soon as I graduate.. as soon as I get a raise… as soon as I buy the house… the new car… the Disneyland trip… the Vacation… the summer…” LIFE IS NOW. 

If we can learn anything from this moment, life is happening right now. While we suddenly have time to cook dinner, talk to our kids, clean our houses. We don’t have the options to run all over town and fill our schedules with “stuff”. But please, I urge you not to forget what you feel and have learned in this moment. 

Cut the fat in your life. 

 Time flies whether you are happy, having fun, or not. But in this moment, you have an opportunity to evaluate what really matters in life, what is really important. I know things are uncertain and different and uncomfortable. We miss “normalcy” we don’t like change. It causes anxiety, fear, and panic. 

But I urge you, remember all the moments you have spent with tears in your ears reading the stories of heroes. Hold on to the laughter and joy in your family’s faces while playing games, watching random shows on Netflix together, or learning that TikTok dance! Remember to continue to check in on your neighbors and loved ones and how much you miss face-to-face conversations and hugs. Document what our world looks like when we give the earth a break. Never forget how our government has the power to aid our homeless, provide money for bailouts, and feed children who are hungry in a crisis.

Most of all- remember how much you need and crave true connection in this world. We don’t NEED to spend our lives running. We can stop, hold hands, laugh, and smell the flowers. We can and will survive this time. We will return to a society we once had but my hope is that we will forever remain changed as long as we don’t forget. 

We are all in this together. The other side is right on the horizon. And it’s beautiful. But so is this moment, take it in and whatever you do . . . DON’T FORGET. 

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Krystal is a fulltime working Mother of 3. Surrogate to an adorable set of Swiss boy/girl twins. She spends her days as a Residential Service Coordinator at PATH Connections Housing helping support some of San Diego's most vulnerable to maintain permanent housing. When she isn't teaching classes to the residents, sharing her passion of using the Arts to practice self care, she is writing her own personal blog and sharing her other passions with the world! Theatre fills her heart and she is currently working on an original play. A lover of essential oils and sharing the benefits with anyone who will listen! An avid Crafter, she enjoys creating her own crochet designs, wreaths and dabbles in painting. Loves spending time with her children and her husband, playing, dancing, swimming, traveling and enjoying our beautiful city. Follow her personal blog at or Crochet shop at


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