Let’s Enjoy The Warm Weather and Get Running!



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Running has always been a part of my life, or so it seems. I started running with my mom when I was in 7th grade. I decided to join her in a 5k at the last minute while wearing Keds. I stood at the finish line when my dad completed his first half marathon in La Jolla. Wanting the attention of a high school crush, and not being athletic enough for softball, I joined cross country. The rest is history. I ran on and off for years until in 2006 I decided to run with my mom in America’s Finest Half Marathon. That is when I was bitten by the racing bug. Running became more about my pace than my miles. To this day, I compete on the road with me, myself and I . . . and it costs less than a race entry fee. 

I am not an expert, but after running 15 half marathons, and one full marathon, I’ve learned a few things. 

Running is not for everyone, I get it. However, it is available to anyone that wants to try. Like anything else, a plan and a routine will help you along.

First, figure out your reason for wanting to run. The big WHY:

Your why will keep you moving forward.  

  • Weight loss 
  • To be an example for your children
  • Relieve stress 
  • Start a healthy habit 

*My ‘Why’, is Me Time, to stay healthy, and inspire my girls to find something they enjoy.

Plan your course

  • Do you live in a light traffic area? 
  • Are there trails near your home? 
  • Do you have a treadmill available? 
  • Are you willing to drive for the scenery? 

Driving might not work for everyone. 

Running Gear — Don’t be fooled, it doesn’t cost a fortune to run

  • Grab a lightweight, breathable tank or tee shirt
  • Pull on comfortable leggings or shorts 
  • Slip into cushioned running shoes. I recommend going up half, or a whole size, it allows your foot to wiggle and stretch out 
  • Listen to a book on Audible, a podcast, or make a music playlist to keep you moving 

Running Side Notes

  • Start slow
  • Enjoy yourself and breathe 
  • Be consistent. It takes two weeks to form a habit
  • Stick with a time of day that works for you 
  • Don’t be afraid to walk when needed
  • Be safe. Tell people where you’re going, if heading outside 
  • Set a time that works for you! 

Here is a sample of a running schedule to start with; switch it up each week.

Run 5 mins Walk 1 min – a total of 30 mins 

Run 7 mins Walk 1.5 mins – total 34 mins

Run 10 mins Walk 3 mins – total 36 mins 

Set a goal of running for a full 30 minutes or try for a 5k, 3.1 miles

It helps to have a goal to aim for… after that you’re free to take off! 

I hope you’re encouraged to start your own running routine.

One foot in front of the other. “Run with your heart, not with your legs.”

Photo by sporlab on Unsplash


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