We’ve Been Booed! How to Boo Your Neighbor Before Halloween


I’d never been ‘booed’ before. Foolish me, I don’t think I had even heard of the idea until this past Sunday morning. Our doorbell unexpectedly rang and I found a basket filled with goodies on our mat. In it was a card like this stating “You’ve Been Booed,” explaining the tradition, as well as a card for our window letting other neighbors know that “We’ve Been Booed.” I was surprised – and heart warmed – to discover that my family had been ‘booed’ by a mystery neighbor. Boo baskets are a random gift of kindness given to friends or neighbors before Halloween, filled with treats and trinkets, to bring joy to others. Read on to learn how to boo your neighbor before Halloween!

Choose a basket or a bag to put your Boo treats in.

Our Boo gift was in a cute cat-shaped plastic candy bin. We loved it and plan to use it for our Halloween treats this year. My daughter creatively decorated a Boo bag for our recipient themed with a witch on a broomstick. 

Boo Bag
Create your own Boo bag to put treats in for neighbors.

Fill your Boo gift basket with Halloween-themed goodies.

We loved that our basket was personalized for our family. It was filled with Halloween treats for our little, including candy and trinkets. It was even stocked with a Halloween flashlight wand with a whistle and a strand of orange lights. Thoughtfully placed, there were also cat treats for our two kitties, pasta and sauce for a meal, fall-themed pot holders, and a scented candle.

Our daughter was eager to pay it forward and get a Boo bag together for our nearby neighbors. We filled it with a combination of candies, Halloween-themed coasters and trinkets, homemade bath salts and soap, and dog treats for their pups. It is completely fine to Boo your neighbor using items you may already have in your home. 

Be sure to include one of these types of printables for your Boo basket.

Boo bag on porch
We left the Boo bag when we knew our neighbors were not home.

Pick the right time to Boo your neighbor.

The idea here is to make it an unexpected surprise for the recipient. We don’t have a Ring doorbell, so we were definitely taken aback by our Boo basket. I still have no clue who delivered it! We dropped our Boo treats off to our neighbors at a time we knew that they were not home and left the bag on their porch. They were thrilled:

Boo bag treats
Our neighbor was excited about her mystery Boo bag!

It is good to plan to Boo your neighbor before Halloween arrives to give them an opportunity to make their own Boo basket for a neighbor if they’d like. We had so much fun receiving and creating our Boo gifts and can’t wait to do it again next year!


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