Top 10 Pie Recipes for the Holidays!


In San Diego, a “chill in the air” qualifies as anything below 60 degrees. No matter the actual number, however, the subtle seasonal change signals all things baking to me and my family. Suddenly I’m rushing to check if we have enough flour, pre-made pie crusts, sugar, chocolate chips, nuts, and baking soda/baking powder. It’s a delightful time of year; which is why I want to share my top 10 holiday pie recipes with you so that we can all enjoy these delicious treats.

Top 10 Pie Recipes!

Pie #1: Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Pie

I make 2-3 of these every fall and winter, beginning at Thanksgiving. They are THAT easy and that good. And you definitely don’t have to be a master baker to try it! Sub a good whiskey for bourbon if you don’t have it, or water works just fine. Find the recipe here.

picture of chocolate bourbon pecan pie

Pie #2: Mini Berry Pies

Triple berry. Pre-made pie crusts. Kid-friendly recipe. Need we say more? Grab the recipe here, and don’t forget some good vanilla ice cream!

photo of mini berry pies
Courtesy: country

Pie #3: Tarte Tatin

I’m a sucker for everything Great British Baking Show, but I’ve actually been a fan of the classic French tarte tatin since childhood. The primary fruit is usually apples or pears, but you get some gorgeous caramelization with bananas! Get that recipe here.

photo of classic apple tarte tatin

Pie #4: Cherry Bakewell Tart

I DID give you fair warning about my GBBS obsession, didn’t I? If you’ve watched the show at all, you know they keep referring back to these killer tarts made with a shortbread crust, almond frangipane, and homemade cherry jam. HEAVEN!! Find the recipe here.

photo of cherry bakewell tart

Pie #5: Classic Apple Pie

A standard apple pie can be surprisingly hard to make. There’s the apple selection, which can turn too mushy or too firm. There are decisions about caramel or no caramel, crumb topping or classic lattice, and then you’ve got to worry about a soggy bottom created by the pile of fresh fruit. It’s honestly tough! But this recipe is simple and offers helpful tips in crafting your sweet dessert. And for the record—I’m totally Team Crumb Topping.

photo of apple pie
Courtesy: fine

Pie #6: French Silk Pie

I’m a child of the ’80s, which means one of our “special treats” was to head to Marie Callendar’s, go big on the unlimited salad buffet, and pick up a French Silk pie for later. As the name suggests, a French Silk pie is silky, custardy, and rich. It also uses blind baking and cooked eggs; this eliminates potential errors and dangers along the way. Check out the recipe here.

photo of french silk pie

Pie #7: Coconut Cream Pie

When you can’t enjoy a tropical vacation, the next best thing is to bake yourself a slice of the tropics. Coconut cream pie is decadent and rich. This recipe incorporates coconut into every part of the pie, including the crust! Pro tip: If you don’t want to make this yourself, The Elegant Truffle in Point Loma makes a coconut cake so good I begged them to give me one for my wedding. It’s THAT amazing.

photo of coconut cream pie

Pie #8: Pumpkin Pie

I did not understand the devotion to pumpkin pie recipes for a very, very long time. It was just never the first pie I jumped for when my sweet tooth came calling. Now I know that it’s really good with A) a flaky crust, B) tons of cinnamon and C) really high-quality organic pumpkin. It makes a big difference! Find a great recipe here. And if you just want to pick up a good one, Pop Pie Co. sells them frozen and ready to go!

picture of pumpkin pie slice

Pie #9: Fresh Strawberry Pie

You’re going to look at this recipe and go “I don’t get it.” Guys, I didn’t either. But this fresh, delicious pie loaded with sweet strawberries is a must-try. We make it a couple of times a year, not just for the holidays because it’s so easy and yummy. Oh, and if you can find a pecan or other nut crust, use that instead of the classic refrigerated pie crust. It takes this treat to the next level! Get the recipe.

photo of fresh strawberry pie

Pie #10: The PieCaken

OK, so you don’t make this one, you buy it. You could try to make it, I suppose. What else do you have to do this year? It’s not like we can travel.

Goldbelly is a really cool restaurant delivery service that ships stuff like New York bagels and Chicago deep-dish everywhere, from some of the best chefs in the world. This isn’t sponsored or anything; I just want you to look at this $99 PieCaken which is really 3 desserts in one, and go: “Yea, I REALLY deserve one of these this year.” 

image of goldbelly piecaken
Courtesy: gold

I hope you enjoy these pie recipes — happy eating!

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Cover Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash


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