Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in San Diego and At Home


Dia duit (deeya gwit) – Hello in Irish!

St Patrick’s Day is truly one of our favorite holidays so celebrating always is a good idea.  We are Irish so of course, we wear our kilts and are ready to celebrate on the 17th and the entire week!  From hitting a local event to at-home crafting and movies here are some ways to celebrate this week.

Lost Leprechaun Scavenger Hunt

There’s a LOST LEPRECHAUN at The Water Conservation Garden.  The fun, A self-guided scavenger hunt will take you through shamrock meadows and rainbow tunnels. Mar. 15-20. Tues.–Sun., 9 am–4 pm. Free with admission. $4–$8; 2 & under free. The Water Conservation Garden, 12122 Cuyamaca College Dr. W., El Cajon. www.thegarden.org

St. Patrick’s Day Tea 

Enjoy a spin on the four-course Cottage Classic Tea with a green theme.  The tea’s will be accompanied by traditional Irish foods.  A special menu is available for kids 12 and under. Mar. 17-21. 11:30 am, 1 & 2:30 pm. $9.95–$32.95. Reservations are required. Julian Tea & Cottage Arts, 2124 Third St., Julian. www.juliantea.com

Cabbage, Potato, and Science?

It is time to enjoy some St. Patrick’s Day science that the Fleet Science Center.  Experiment with color-changing cabbage juice and harness the power of a potato. Mar. 19, 9–10:30 am & 11 am–12:30 pm. $13–$15. Fleet Science Center, Balboa Park. www.fleetscience.org

Enjoy an Irish Movie or Two With or Without the Kids at Home 

Wolfwalkers (2020, PG) is an animated movie that was made by an acclaimed Irish animation studio.  A young apprentice joins her father to Ireland to get rid of wolves and discovers the magic in wolves and transforming into one. It is available only on Apple TV+

Sing Street (2016, PG-13 ) is a musical that is actually going to be opening on Broadway at the end of this year or early next year. Set in the ’80s a Dublin kid moves to an inner-city school and starts a band. A coming of age comedy-drama. Available on Amazon and iTunes.

Leap Year (2010, PG ) stars Amy Adams, who flies to Ireland to propose to her boyfriend on Leap Year, following an Irish tradition. Available on Amazon and iTunes.

Michael Collins (1996, R) is a true story about an Irish revolutionary leader who fought against British rule.  Liam Neeson stars in it and it was the highest-grossing film of all time in Ireland.  The movie is a period drama. Available on Amazon and iTunes.

At Home Leprauchaun Tricks 

(Courtesy of MarthaStewart.com)

There are always some fun leprechaun tricks that get the day started at my home.  I always start with using some green food coloring in the milk.  Another fun treat display is using fruit for a rainbow with marshmallows as the clouds.  I also get gold chocolate coins and add them to the plate.

Another very funny trick is to turn the toilet water green.  This one always gets laughs no matter the age.

No matter how you celebrate we wish you a Happy St. Patrick’s Day filled with fun!


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