Five Creative Ways for Families to Celebrate the Tooth Fairy


tooth fairy day

August 22nd is National Tooth Fairy Day!

The Tooth Fairy in 2022 hides a record-setting average of $5.36 per lost tooth under the pillow, according to the annual Original Tooth Fairy Poll®. That’s an all-time high in the 24-year history of the poll and a price increase of 14% compared to last year’s payout, almost twice the current inflation rate. 

What’s the going rate in your house? 

(Credit: 2022 Tooth Fairy Payout Reflects double-digit inflation (

Here are five creative ways to celebrate the Tooth Fairy that you might not have thought about.  

Christian’s Tooth Ferry Pillow 
  1. Have the kids pick out or make their Tooth Fairy pillow
  2. Make or decorate a Tooth Fairy house
  3. Prep for the visit with books and stories of the Tooth Fairy
  4. Have your child write a letter/note/card to the Tooth Fairy
  5. The Tooth Fairy is also known to leave fairy dust/glitter and leave notes of encouragement

Here are how a few of our San Diego Moms Contributors celebrate in their home.

San Diego Moms owner puts together a “smilestone” scrapbook of each lost tooth! It is a fun way to remember each tooth your kiddo loses. 

We also write a letter to the tooth fairly and she leaves a reply every time!



Adaline Kacur says they celebrate the Tooth Fairy in a big way with their daughter Mila, 9.

  • Her daughter writes a note and place under her pillow
  • Since her daughter has a very inquisitive mind, she asked about the rates. Who would have thought you can google the going rate for The Tooth Fairy by putting in your “zip code + Tooth Fairy going rate”.
  • In their house, the going rate for the tooth fairy is around $10 and $3-5 depending on place of tooth. Bigger tooth bigger the rate.

Tracie Rosales, also loves to celebrate the Tooth Fairy with her son Christian, 9.

  • Christian also writes a letter to the Tooth Fairy and tradition there is that she also writes back with a encouraging message!
  • The Tooth Fairy leaves $2 dollar bills for a special treat or coins.
  • They also have a special Tooth Fairy pillow that the notes and tooth go under.

Nicolette Liebermanni celebrated a SECOND lost tooth with her daughter Isabelle, 5. 

  • In the photograph on the bottom  are her lost teeth in order.
  • They love the Berenstain Bears Tooth Fairy book, which is where we learned the going rate for teeth is $2.
  • We also love the nighttime meditation story about the Tooth Fairy that can be streamed on Insight Timer.

In honor of Tooth Fairy Day, we are celebrating all week long (Aug. 22-26) in partnership with none other than the The Super Dentists.

Share your favorite Tooth Fairy moment with us on Instagram and tag @sandiegomomsco and @thesuperdentists + use #TheSuperDentists and #ToothFairyDay for a chance to win The Super Dentists Super Toothbrush each day. PLUS on Saturday they are giving away a Super Toothbrush Collectors Edition set.

We would love to see those toothless smiles!

How did the Tooth Fairy even come about?

This childhood favorite evolved with a group of healthcare fairies during the mid-1920s. From bath fairies to Fairy Wand Tooth Whitener, they encouraged kids through a wave of advertisements and health classes. These ads and classes spoke to children about eating their veggies, brushing their teeth, and getting fresh air. While our research did not unearth the source of either the February 28th or the August 22nd observance, it is interesting to note the American Dental Association’s recommendation to have cleanings twice annually.

In 1927, Esther Watkins Arnold brought the tooth fairy to life in an eight-page playlet. She named the playlet The Tooth Fairy. At the same time, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle published photographs of two girls surrounded by “verified” fairies. He claimed that fairies and gnomes existed and the pictures supplied the photographic evidence. For more info on the history click here.



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