Back-To-School Schedule Tips to Make Mornings a Breeze


I would be lying if I said that structure came easy for me. I am better with a general framework with lots of flexibility filling the interior. However, when it comes to kids, they need a bit more predictability in their day-to-day. This becomes even more critical when the school year comes back around. Getting a plan in place with the kids onboard can make things much easier for everyone. Here are some back-to-school schedule tips to make mornings a breeze!

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Prepare for Tomorrow Today!

While it may seem that picking clothes out will only take a moment or two, in reality, this is often not the case. I can’t even count on two hands the number of times we have nearly been late for school because the pair of socks grabbed from the drawer in haste didn’t “feel right.” Save yourself from those frantic moments in the morning and get the clothes for tomorrow ready before bed today. Even better, have your child participate in the process!

A Place for Everything!

This may seem like an obvious thing, but in a house with children, staying organized can be really hard! Determining what should go where and how to store items will save you yet another headache when it’s time to move and get things done. Think along the “Where’s my (insert item here)?” lines and tossing things about trying to find said item. Consider designated places for the backpack and jacket, homework supplies like pencils, outfit, shoes for the day, hair brush and accessories, lunch bag, and snacks.

School and homework supplies
Choose a designated place for homework supplies that is easily accessible by your student! Image courtesy of

Get those Zzzs 

Within the Physiological Needs of the Hierarchy of Needs is sleep. Depending on their age, your child is going to thrive best with 9-12 hours of sleep under their belt, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. Lacking sleep can cause your child to lose focus, not retain learned information, and, let’s face it, be more grumpy when it is time to wake up. It has even been correlated to weight gain and poor dietary habits. This is a huge factor in how the success of your morning will play out.

Set the expectation of when bedtime will be, and STICK WITH IT. Nix any sort of screen time at least 30 minutes before bedtime to remove extra stimulation. Get a good temperature in the bedroom and lower overall noise levels in the home. To set a calming atmosphere, consider a low-powered night light if one is needed, an essential oil diffuser to dispense calming scents such as lavender, and perhaps a bedtime meditation.

Make a Plan with Them – and Stick to It.

Let your child help with planning their schedule for the morning routine. An after-school plan can also add predictability and help decompress from the school day. Contemplate what steps can be taken to set the morning up for success. Good things to consider when making this plan pertain to more than just the “morning of.” What we do the night before can impact the success of those minutes between the alarm going off and heading out the door. Draft your own schedule or a free printable. Common schedule items may include:

  • a designated time and place to do homework and a specific spot for the homework folder to be placed once the work is done.
  • a consistent dinner time. 
  • determining what time bath or shower time will be
  • allowing a time block for play or television watching
  • as stated above, getting a designated bedtime in place
  • setting a wake-up time and how to be woken up, such as by one of these alarm clock options
  • putting those must-dos of the morning in an order of preference: make the bed, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth, brush hair, shoes on, lunch in bag, backpack, and homework ready, etc.
School Day Schedules
Creating schedules with kids makes them part of the process.

We hope these back-to-school schedule tips will help set your school mornings up for success! Share your best practices with us below.


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