San Diego

San Diego

Breastfeeding Tips, Hacks and Products {Guest Post}

Ahhh breastfeeding, the most beautiful and natural thing a mother can do, right? This is one of those things about motherhood I was not at all properly warned about, despite watching every video my...

Family Friendly Winery Guide: Temecula

Temecula sits in a beautiful valley less than an hour away from the heart of San Diego and is filled with many family friendly places like museums, parks, and splash pads. Most visitors, however,...

True Life Anonymom Series- A Letter to My Husband’s Mistress

Dear "Other Woman,"  I need to come to forgiveness, not for you, not for him, but for Me.  I realize, my husband and I can not begin to rebuild our future without letting go of the past-...
photography team

San Diego Moms Photographer Team

We are so excited to have an incredibly talented team of photographers behind the San Diego Moms. They will capture our events, projects, and help create beautiful images that reflect our mission. We are...
Healthy Lunch Prep

{GUEST POST} Healthy Lunch Ideas for Students

Now that some of our children are getting back to school, parents know: a student who eats a healthy lunch will probably perform better than one who doesn't. Let’s dive in! Studying can be quite...

3 Tips on Marriage Bliss (For Frustrated Wives)

I want to say, first of all, that I am writing this post from a place of experience—not judgement. I've been there, ladies. I've been frustrated, overworked, overwhelmed, and angry. I have felt like...
ar workshop

{SPONSORED} AR Workshop – DIY for the Entire Family!

Ready to DIY? Well, let's just say I wasn’t when I entered AR Workshop San Diego for the first time a few weeks back. I went to make a DIY Father’s Day gift, and I...

4th of July 2019: Independence Day in San Diego

The 4th of July lands on a Thursday this year, which means—for most—a built-in four day weekend with your family! We have put together a list of some of the top spots in San...
okayest moms blog

San Diego Sights: What to See and Do With a Toddler + Preschooler

For the better part of last year, my daughter had her mind set on flying on an airplane. When I asked where we would go, she matter of factly answered, "The beach!" Maybe it...

I AM a Jealous Ex-Wife!

I am going to admit, I am totally a jealous ex-wife!... BUT, probably not in the way that you're thinking. I'm sure you have all seen this wonderful Co-Parenting Meme before. Well, I'm not gonna lie,...
cobblestone vegan soup

Vegan Cobblestone Soups are Local and #SDMBApproved

"This soup is my new obsession! It was so good and I love that it's nondairy with high-quality ingredients. Even my 11-month-old baby loved it!" - Deanne Goodman Gustafson, San Diego Moms Blog Contributor "It's...

Help! My Kid Has Anxiety

This post first appeared on the Gainesville, FL Moms Blog here. I remember the first time I felt anxious as a child. My cousin, who was a more mature peer, talked me into watching a...

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Cox Launches Cox Salutes Offer for Military and Veterans in San...

According to recent White House data, military families made up nearly half of all recipients of broadband subsidies through the federal government’s Affordable Connectivity...