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Elite Teepees deliver & set up beautifully curated sleepover teepees in the comfort of your own home, then pack it all away the next day so you can enjoy a hands-off, exquisite sleepover experience.

Elite Teepees makes dreams come true by creating magical sleepover experiences.  Organizing sleepovers can cost precious time in today’s non-stop society, and the stress of planning ends up outweighing the joy of a festive night in with friends.  This is where Elite Teepees comes in. Simply put: we set up the space, you enjoy the party, and we pack it up the next day.

Parents love our service because they can take a break before the kids arrive, while we set everything up, and families altogether enjoy our service because the teepees accommodate both adults and children.

We cultivate an exquisite and fun environment for you and your guests.  We offer add-ons and decorations ranging from a fully stocked candy wheel to star night light projector and black lights. Whether game night or girls’ night, whether the party is for two or twenty, we have the add-ons you need to make your sleepover a night to remember.

Elite Teepees: We bring the magic, you make the memories.


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