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HAMOC, the gift we all deserve.

HAMOC was founded in April 2022, the mission at HAMOC is to support small communities in Mexico through fair trade. The art of hammock weaving has been part of these communities for generations. At HAMOC we work closely and directly with the Zapotec weavers of a small community in Oaxaca Mexico. We aim to provide fair and sustainable working condition for the artist weavers, in order to share their art outside of the remote areas of their villages.
Simultaneously, we are able to bring our customers a comfortable, vibrant, and fairly traded collection of hammocks. Our hammocks are crafter 100% by hand with cotton or nylon threads. HAMOC serves as functional art, with its beautiful patterns and colors, each hammock is designed thinking about our customer’s relaxation, support, and our product durability. The art of weaving each hammock can take from 4-8 days to complete.

HAMOC also works closely with our customers for all custom-made orders in order to provide a vibrant and unique hammock for any space.


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