How to Keep your Child on a Tight Leash


Summer is here and the need to keep my child entertained greatly increases. My go-to places are SeaWorld San Diego, or the San Diego Zoo. Both parks are perfect for entertaining and tiring out the young ones, but one thing is for sure, I always worry about my child slipping away from me.

 The anxiety is intense when my children are not near me.

A child leash is not for me. I don’t want to feel like I’m walking a dog.

Yelling across the way to get your child’s attention didn’t work for me either.  I looked {and sounded} like a MOMster, but I did need to come up with something to keep my child close and safe to avoid another Cincinnati Zoo or Disney World incident.

So I came up with a couple of different “hand holds” that might help you on your summer adventures. The best part about it is it’s FREE! All you need is you and your child’s hands.

The Regular, The Loving Lock, and The Sweet Squeeze

The Regular Hand Hold

The Regular: This hand hold is the typical-hand-hold for most parent/child connections. No direct pressure, just a child’s hand held in their parent’s.  This particular hand hold is for the child who’s had the fear of Mom manifested in their life.  They are the ones who are scared to even leave her side.

The Loving Lock Hand Hold

The Loving Lock: This hand hold fairly resembles The Regular but has a tighter grip on your beloved babe’s hand. Take your child’s hand and hold it in The Regular position. Take your pinky finger and swing up backwards over the other side of your child’s hand and gently grip. This gives you control from both sides of your child’s hand, but making it a bit more difficult to writhe out of. This hand hold is for the child who likes to test Mom’s attention by “sneakingly” slipping away, but your pinky will quickly notify you if someone is trying to escape.

The Sweet Squeeze Hand Hold

The Sweet Squeeze: Awwwwwh The Sweet Squeeze. Very simple. You see all those sweet, little fingers? Just gently grab those yummies like a handful of your favorite licorice, swing your pinky up {like The Loving Lock} and grip. This hold is specifically made for the parent that wants to look sane and calm but has secretly imprisioned her child with a death grip.

So whether you are at a theme park or at the mall, you now know 3 different types of hand holds to keep your children close and safe.  Happy Adventures.


  1. So much anxiety in losing kids in large places especially after the recent horrors. What’s a good solution for mom’s with multiple kids and not enough hands?


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