Better Late Then Never Earthquake Kit


Better Late than never earthquake kitYes! We all know it has been a while now past the big 1:00 am event on June 9th, but if you’re a California native, this reminded us all that there are still earthquakes here. There is no better time than now to start the open discussion on earthquake kits and plans.

Here what’s in our kit at home and some suggestions for yours:

  1. Everyday essentials- I started out with a list like you would for a vacation. Your usual toiletries, baby wipes, creams, ointments, tooth brushes, toilet paper, brushes etc…

2. Food and water-  When it comes to water they say to make sure there is at least 1 gallon of water per person- per day and the same goes for your pets. I suggest that when getting water, take a look at the expiration date and keep a log of it so you also know when to replace that water. For your food, depending on what you get and how many people there are in your family, you need enough food based on how much everyone consumes. Make sure everything is non parishable and don’t forget a can opener and food for your pets.

3. The supplies- I am big on having multiple first aid kits. Everywhere you turn in my home there is one. I would suggest a big first aid kit (some are sold already put together), and a few little ones as extras. I even managed to find some for pets at a few pet stores, and you are even able to get a list of what you would need to make one from your vet. Some LED battery flash lights along with wind up ones are necessary. Battery powered radios are a big must have and or an old fashioned wind up radio. If you have a generator, great! If not, here is a trick to help with your cooking needs. Just as if you are camping, have one skillet, and one soup pot. If you’re into coffee or tea, pack a kettle. Paper plates and plastic utensils are pretty important as well. Now that you have your nifty grill you are able to eat and cook without gas or power.

4.  Blankets and clothes- Make sure everyone has at least one blanket and pillow, if not a sleeping bag will do. Two to three towels on hand for any types of uses. Make sure you pack comfortable clothing, a jacket and comfortable walking shoes. I know years ago when I put my first kit together, I was told sneakers should be the shoes of choice. Something with alot of grip and easy to walk in is ideal. One pair each of pants and shorts, same with a long and short sleeve shirt. A stuffed animal or anything of comfort for the kids will really help them feel comfortable. ALL of this will be placed in individual sling backpacks, and I suggest that as your kids grow out of their clothes and shoes to update what is in their packs.

5. When it comes to putting all food and other supplies in a safe place, make sure to find a dry and cool location to store it all. I use a weather protected storage container and I keep it in our hallway closet since its cool, dark and dry. The sling packs with the clothes are kept in my bedroom for easy access. The blankets are kept in a special zip storage bag to keep them out of the way in the closet. Lets touch on vintamins and medicines for a second. For your vitamins, I would suggest checking the expiration date regularly to make sure they don’t expire. Same with your medicines, and make sure to keep them together in an easy to reach place. That way you can quickly grab them in the event of an earthquake.

6. “What if we’re not home?” You want to prepare for that event as well. I would make a mini kit to keep in the car. I tend to keep all kinds of granola bars and water in there just in case. I even have a big sleeping bag and blanket in the trunk, also a first aid kit. I know for me, I made a car kit due to the big quake we had in the LA area in 1994.

****I would suggest putting together a kit that works best for you and your family in the event of an earthquake. It’s also best to set up a family plan. I know sometimes little drills help your family understand what to do in the event of an emergency. This day in age we are into saving everything on our phones so even a little reminder in your phone every few months for going over the family plan and adjusting it as the kids get older or you move is a smart way to keep everything and everyone up to date. I hope my suggestions and tips help with getting your own kits together!****

What are some things you put in your emergency earthquake kits?

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