You KNOW You’re From San Diego When…


Are you a San Diego native?

There are things that only true San Diego natives can relate to when it comes to our beautiful town. To capture these facts, we polled our team of writers and came up with a pretty comprehensive list!


  • You own more sandals than regular shoes
  • You wear sandals in the rain
  • You can’t drive in the rain
  • You get excited when it rains
  • You wear Uggs with shorts
  • You plan your “Winter” outfits to include scarves and boots, just so you can wear them (even if it’s not below 60 degrees)
  • It’s too cold if it hits below 60 degrees
  • You complain when it’s sunny on Christmas
  • In fact, you have never had a white Christmas
  • You can actually get a bike for Christmas and ride it right away
  • You “go to the snow”
  • You wear grocery bags over your shoes when going to the snow (because you realize you don’t own snow boots)
  • You don’t actually know what Winter is
  • You own more sweaters than there are cold days in the entire year
  • You have made snowmen out of tumbleweeds instead of snow
  • The word RAD is always appropriate
  • California burritos, carne asada burritos, fish tacos, rolled tacos, well- ANY type of Mexican food was/is the primary staple in your household
  • Apple pie means a day trip to Julian
  • Whenever you are near the beach, seeing the sunset is a must
  • You call everything north of Temecula ” LA or the Bay Area”
  • You precede freeway numbers with ‘the’, like take THE 5 North or THE 8 East
  • You KNOW Coronado isn’t an island
  • It’s pronounced La-hoya, not La-jol-la
  • The best beach days are in the fall
  • san diego beach
  • May grey and June gloom are pretty close to having “weather”


  • You went to Santee Drive-ins on the regular
  • You tailgated at “The Murph”seaworld san diego
  • You hit up the “DEL MAR FAIR” for your yearly dose of heart attack
  • You watched Gulls games at the “Sports Arena”
  • You had a yearly pass to the Zoo + “The Wild Animal Park”, Seaworld, and maybe even Disneyland. Because Disneyland wasn’t a vacation spot
  • You frequented the Swap meets
  • Your favorite radio station was Q106 with Jeff & Jer
  • You couldn’t wait to turn 18 and go party in TJ
  • Your school did earthquake drills and you knew how to properly duck and cover
  • Two words: Fosters Freeze
  • Summers were spent riding the Belmont Park Roller Coaster over and over even though you felt like you broke a rib
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***Our list is pretty standard. What were some of your experiences as a kid, or what do you think we should add to our list? Let us know in the comments below!***



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