Deliveries Delivered Right to your Door with Instacart!??!

Are you tired of taking the kids on grocery shopping trips with you?
Are you too busy to fit grocery shopping on your schedule for the day?
Are you tired of waiting in grocery store lines?
Are you tired of trying to find a spot in the Costco parking lot?
Do you want to be able to send a new mom some groceries?
Well, Instacart is HERE! And they will take care of all those problems by doing the grocery shopping for you, and delivering it to your house!
We know it’s hard to drag kids to the grocery store. They make the trips take longer, and you usually come home with things that you didn’t plan on bringing home. And sometimes your day went way longer then you thought, and heading to the grocery store at 8pm just won’t work. And once you finally make it to the grocery store, you realize that the whole neighborhood had the same idea because they are all at the grocery store too. How about that frustration of driving around the Costco parking lot for what seems like hours to only find a spot a mile away? What is it about those Costco parking lots? How about your best friend who just had a baby, and her and her hubbie just can’t find the energy to peel themselves away from sleep to get to the grocery store to fill their fridge. And wouldn’t it be nice to be able to send your new mom friend some fresh flowers?
Well, all of your prayers have been answered. Instacart has just launched THIS WEEK here in San Diego to bring you groceries from your favorite retailers in as little as an hour. Which San Diego neighborhood do you want your groceries to be delivered to? If you visit our Instagram, you have a chance to win a $100 grocery credit to Instacart!
As an added bonus, promo code “SDMOMS” will get you 30 days of free deliveries. Offer expires 8/12/16.
Instacart delivers groceries to your door from your favorite stores including Whole Foods, Jimbo’s…Naturally, Petco, Smart & Final, and Costco (with no membership required). Can you believe that you don’t even need a Costco membership?!?! I can only imagine how nice it will be to not have to shove a huge pack of paper towels into my car somehow, lift a heavy, 50 lb bag of dog food and carry it into my house, or try and stack those endless amounts of diapers ontop of eachother so that I can try to make less trips into the house from the car.
Your Instacart delivery person will bring all your groceries right to your door.
Check them out, and let Instacart do the shopping for you! Then you can rest easy and get back to the things you really want to do.
Download the free app here to check out all the areas of San Diego they have included!


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