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The Most In-demand Careers in San Diego

San Diego is more than just a beautiful place to live; the city offers a myriad of opportunities for new and experienced workers in addition to its scenic surroundings. Whether you’re a novice to the city or have been a resident for some time, San Diego’s strong economy over the course of the last decade has proven beneficial to the job market. As older workers are aging out of the workforce, countless job positions are opening up throughout the city – from a thriving tech scene that has spilled over from surrounding innovative cities in California to more traditional employers looking for fresh, motivated workers. Here are the most in-demand careers in San Diego, and the skills you need to get them.

Life Science Careers

In San Diego, the life sciences industry accounts for more than $9 billion in economic activity each year, spanning over 1,100 employers and 11 million square feet of lab space. Organizations involved in life sciences include biotechnology firms, pharmaceutical companies, biomedical technology companies, and research institutes. Careers in the field typically follow the path of medicine, research, or teaching, but the added technology focus in the arena has opened doors to those who enjoy the innovative potential within the industry. Life science careers usually require a Bachelor’s degree at a minimum, with most employers requiring a Master’s degree for higher-level positions. In San Diego, the median income for those who work in the life science field is $170,000 per year.

Financial Technology Careers

Careers in financial technology fondly referred to as fintech, are on the rise across the nation. Given San Diego’s proximity to innovation hubs on the West Coast, it is no surprise that jobs in fintech are near the top of the list of in-demand careers in the region. Financial technology jobs range within the companies that offer them, from marketing and content development to programming and quality assurance. Individuals with a love for technology and a penchant for finance can find a home at a leading loan company in San Diego, an educational resource organization focused on personal finance, or a compliance firm working directly with financial services companies. There is no readily available data on the average salary for a fintech employee in San Diego.

Health and Wellness Careers

The not-so-gradual aging of the population has made the health and wellness industry a significant player in the job market in San Diego. The sector grew slightly more than 11% over the last decade, and jobs in health and wellness now make up 10% of the total job market in the region. Careers in nursing, hospital administration and staffing, and long-term care facilities are all in demand and will continue to be well into the future. For those who have yet to earn a college degree, Currently, registered nurses account for the most common careers in the city, earning a median salary of just over $70,000 per year.

The small town vibe and lower cost of living compared to other major California cities make San Diego a win for 1.3 million residents. Fortunately, for those who live in the city as well as those who are looking to relocate there, countless job opportunities exist that are sure to fit your needs, no matter your passion or your education.


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